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Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge

€ 129,99
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De Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge is gemaakt voor lessen en work-outs waarbij je in beweging blijft. Van de loopband naar de roeimachine tot krachttraining: de responsieve demping van Nike ZoomX foam en de ondersteunende omsluiting van de voetholte tot aan de zijkant helpen je om je concurrenten voor te blijven.

  • Weergegeven kleur: Zwart/Zwart/Wit
  • Stijl: CU7627-002

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Beoordelingen (23)

4.5 Sterren

Almost Good

JosephM247300310 - 31 mrt. 2021

These shoes are almost really good shoes, but there is way too much movement in the heel for me. It seems most other people don't seem to have that problem, although at least one other review mentioned it, so it's not just me. It feels as if my heel is going to pop out of the shoe. It's particularly bad on a rowing machine, which is one activity the shoe was specifically designed for, so that's disappointing. If they redesign the heel these would be great (for me at least).

Tell me you go to OTF without telling me you go to OTF

nromeroDTX - 30 mrt. 2021

Tell me you go to OTF without telling me you go to OTF. great shoe for my OT classes. Very comfortable. Only have used them for 4-5 classes so can't rate durability yet. They feel great on the rower, floor, and on the tread which I have struggled to find the perfect shoe for all three. Definitely recommend giving them a shot for any sort of HIIT/workout class.

I'm loving it

cyberburhan - 29 mrt. 2021

I just got it today and went for a run, I ran for 2 miles after a long time and felt very comfortable unlike always painful run before. This is the first time I am actually trying Nike ZoomX technology and it really feels like I'm jumping every time I take a step. Love it.