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Nike MC Trainer

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Cool Grey/Wit/Zwart

Met de Nike MC Trainer kun je in één adem overstappen van gewichtheffen in de sportschool naar wendbaarheidsoefeningen op turf. De schoen biedt stabiliteit, stevigheid en flexibiliteit in een veelzijdig design dat ondersteuning biedt voor alle bewegingen tijdens je training.

  • Weergegeven kleur: Zwart/Wit
  • Stijl: CU3580-002

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Beoordelingen (23)

4 Sterren

Comfortable and Stylish

JohnAZ - 19 mrt. 2021

I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable these MC Trainers were upon immediate use. I have wide feet and it usually takes me time to "break in" new sneakers, but these felt supportive and molded nicely to my feet from the very first wear. The padding that surrounds the heel was much thicker than most of my other sneakers which took a bit getting used to (and I wasn't sure if I liked it at first), but after a while, I found that I did indeed enjoy and appreciate the extra padding and support. I took the sneakers on a few runs and found them to be supportive, lightweight, and breathable in the Arizona heat (a necessity!). The styling of the shoe itself is sharp, clean, and I really like the contrast of the black detailing against the grey sneaker. Overall, I am very happy with these sneakers and consistently find myself reaching for them over my other pairs.

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Comfortable, light weight and stable

Josh - 18 mrt. 2021

I find the Nike MC Trainer to be a comfortable shoe to casually wear throughout the day or do some light workouts. It is light weight and breathable so my feet don’t get too hot or sweaty. The cushion and support feel good while the relatively wide, flat bottom of the shoe is firm with good traction which creates great stability side to side but still allows for good flexibility and mobility when walking or running. I really like that the bottom of the shoe is pretty flat from the toe to the heel, there really isn’t much contour in the middle which I think helps contribute to the solid feel on the ground. The sole of the shoe stretches out beyond the heel which again adds to the stability and feeling of good contact with the ground. I really liked this aspect when it came to things like air squats and lunges, a little extra heel support can go a long way. When it comes to working out, I tend to like a low profile shoe that doesn’t have much a sole so I can have great stability and feel grounded, this shoe is a nice compromise that matches the more traditional sneaker sole with a flat/solid training shoe. It’s not something that I would want to run in for very long but I don’t think that’s the intention with it being a trainer. I am an 11 in most shoes and this 11 fits just as I would expect it to. I got the shoe in grey with the white/black sole and really like the look. It looks good with what I would say is just enough of a pattern and contrast without being too “busy”. For my comfort and preference, the top hole for the laces is way to high and I immediately pulled the laces out to use the next hole down.

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Great overall shoe

April - 15 mrt. 2021

I received the Nike MC Trainer shoes in size 8. I loved the look of them the second I open the box and was so excited to wear them. Since they were a little big on me, I had my husband wear them too and they were a good fit for him. Together, we were able to discuss our thoughts on these shoes. Overall, this is a great pair of shoes. I love the color of the shoes because they can really match and go with so many things. Also the design is great. My husband expressed that putting these on makes him feel like he wants to be athletic and go running in them. We both felt they are very comfortable and could be worn all day. They provide a great amount of cushion. One thing that wasn’t 100% about them for my husband is that 1 foot felt secure while in the other one, his ankle in the back continually slipped up while walking. The thing I would change about the shoe is remove the black strip going over the laces. Personally, I think it would look better without it there. For anyone wanting a great pair of shoes, these Nike MC Trainer have what you need. They are worth getting because not only do they look good, they feel good too.

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