Leggings cropped de tiro medio para mujer

Nike Pro 365

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Los leggings Nike Pro 365 te envuelven en una tela suave que acompaña tus movimientos mientras haces tus rutinas de entrenamiento más difíciles con estiramientos, desplantes y sprints.El diseño consciente está hecho con al menos un 50% de fibras de poliéster reciclado y malla en la pantorrilla que permite que tu piel respire cuando la temperatura comienza a subir.

  • Color que se muestra: Negro/Blanco
  • Estilo: CZ9803-013

Talla y ajuste

  • La persona de la fotografía usa talla S y mide 1,74 m
  • Ajuste ceñido que se adapta al cuerpo

Método de fabricación

  • El poliéster reciclado utilizado en los productos Nike procede de botellas de plástico recicladas que se limpian, se desmenuzan y se convierten en pellets. Luego, a partir de los pellets, se fabrica un hilo nuevo de alta calidad que se utiliza en nuestros productos para proporcionar un rendimiento óptimo con un menor impacto en el medio ambiente.
  • Además de reducir los desechos, el poliéster reciclado reduce las emisiones de carbono hasta en un 30% en comparación con el poliéster virgen. Nike recupera un promedio de 1000 millones de botellas de plástico anualmente de vertederos y canales.
  • Obtén más información sobre nuestro movimientoMove to Zero hacia cero carbono y cero desechos, incluido el modo en el que estamos trabajando para diseñar productos con la sustentabilidad en mente y, así, ayudar a proteger elfuturodel lugar donde vivimos y nos divertimos.

Evaluaciones (22)

4.4 Estrellas

Super slick and comfortable tights!

LaurenH - 31 de marzo de 2021

Ok so honestly I no longer spend much time running through the fields training for a marathon. Actually I never did that, but I definitely don’t now that I have two kids. I make coffee and I walk around the neighborhood pushing one in a stroller and the other one riding on my back. Can I do that in these tights? Hells yes. Are they super soft and comfortable? Again, yes. Do I feel just a little bit fancier and more put together than I do in sweatpants? Undoubtedly, yes. I love the fabric and the way these pants are seamed, and the mesh panel on the calves makes me feel very stylish even when I’m wearing an old hoodie still covered in the yogurt my baby threw at me. Highly recommended.

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New fav leggings!

Bnovo - 30 de marzo de 2021

Could not love these leggings more. These Nike cropped leggings quickly became my new favorites. The band at the top isn't too tight and sallows me to hide a little extra baby belly. They are lightweight and keep me cool when exercising. The netted area on the back of the calf is a cute extra touch. I have washed them a few times and do not see any pilling or wear. Could not recommend them more. I actually would love to get a few more.

Producto recibido de forma gratuita o evaluado como parte de un sorteo o regalo.

Standard Tights

aklee - 18 de marzo de 2021

I wasn't super impressed with these tights. With them being Nikes, I honestly expected a lot more in terms of both support and stability being offered; but maybe I'm just used to the Nike leggings instead. I coach hockey, and typically use my Nike leggings and tights to wear as a base layer to help keep warm at the rink during practice and games. Normally, the moisture-wicking is perfect for drawing the sweat away and helping keep me the right temperature during physical activity on the ice. Unfortunately, I found the Pro cropped tights to be a little less than average in their moisture wicking ability and was actually peeling them off of my damp skin after practice. They fell short of my expectations when it came to fit as well - being a thicker thighed person, I prefer my tights to fit more snugly around the hips and waist so that they're not falling down as I work out. I felt like these tights were restrictively tight in the waist and hips and were constantly needing to be hiked up through the thighs and crotch area. Overall, I was a fan of the material, as always. It's the same soft, luxurious material that I have come to expect from Nike, but I was disappointed in the product itself. I would not purchase this particular style from the store.

Producto recibido de forma gratuita o evaluado como parte de un sorteo o regalo.