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Nike Sportswear RPM

Cangurera (artículos pequeños, 4L)


La cangurera Nike Sportswear RPM presenta múltiples bolsillos con cierre para llevar todo lo que necesitas contigo. La tela de poliéster duradera, el diseño resistente y las múltiples opciones de transporte la hacen imprescindible para llevarla del parque a la tienda, o a donde quieras.

  • Color que se muestra: Negro/Negro/Negro
  • Estilo: CQ3817-010

Evaluaciones (8)

4.1 Estrellas

  • Close, but not quite

    nikeAbc - 23 ago 2023

    Bag seems well made, but the size and shape is not what I was hoping for. First off, it’s listed as a 4L sized bag and doesn’t seem like it. There’s la couple of smaller pockets that we’re probably included in calculating the volume. I’d be surprised if the main compartment is actually 4L. It does however have a lot of straps and latches that can help increase the versatility by allowing you to attach other items to it (clip something to it). In regards to the shape, as other reviews have mentioned, it really does seem to be designed primarily as a waistpack. It’s rectangular shape and attached belt parts limit the way it sits against your body. It could work though. The strap to wear over the shoulder is removable . It also has a little handle at the top of the bag. One thing I wish this had, is if the waistpack straps had a buckle to release it from your waist. If you wear it around your waist, you’d have to loosen the strap and pull it over your head instead of being able to just unbuckle the strap.

  • Waistbag?

    MarvinA634841414 - 26 jul 2023

    I noticed late that it was classified as a waist bag. Which was less that I wanted and more something I can wear over my back. Which this thing can do. Decently. Or over the front. This thing is pretty nice as I think how much utility and function this thing can pull off is the main point. It comes with an additional strap that I guess can allow it to be used as a messenger bag style. So there’s that as well. I think the only reason why I’m giving it a four is cause I feel like it’s supposed to be over the waist.

  • Fit

    Noah88 - 22 mar 2022

    Great product fits perfect for the size I ended up purchasing