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Nike Revolution 5

Calzado de running en carretera para hombre


Altamente valorado

Cuando la calle te llama, responde a la llamada con un par ligero que te mantiene en movimiento kilómetro tras kilómetro. La espuma suave amortigua tu pisada, y el talón reforzado la hace suave y estable. Está confeccionado con material de tejido Knit que brinda soporte transpirable, mientras que el diseño minimalista se ajusta a cualquier lugar donde el día te lleve.

  • Color que se muestra: Negro/Antracita
  • Estilo: BQ3204-001

Evaluaciones (137)

4.3 Estrellas

  • Pretty good for the price

    EbrahimT939145437 - 24 nov 2022

    For me the shoe sizing is pretty spot on and i have pretty wide feet and they fit well. Id say they would be good for occasional use as i had used it for gym but can be used as dailys, i started using them as dailys and they are pretty nice, very comfortable, i wore them in mountainous and rough terrain, slippery terrain and they held up pretty well, the grips were good any they did not slip very much at all. They are very comfortable and i walked long hikes in the peak district and i could only feel little discomfort after about 6 hours of hiking, the materials the shoes are made of are pretty good however can get dirty so i have washed them and scubbed them with a brush to get the nice new look again. Id say after about 5-6 months my left shoe started to squeak, they wouldnt start squeaking straight away however after a bit they squeak a lot. The shoes are not resistant to rain at all and even light bit rain will completely soak your socks. They have held up pretty well after having them for a full year, id say i have another 1-2 months with them and then i will need to throw them away. The only thing stopping me from giving it a 4/5 star is the squeak, it is very annoying however if nike sorted that out they would be very good shoes, dont use these shoes for the winter

  • I would buy it again

    ValiantHero - 18 oct 2022

    It's a great pair of shoes. I would buy it again if it was the only model available.

  • Cheap but durable

    e2bef761-5594-491d-9f4e-c6e59dbd63a2 - 29 sept 2022

    Bought them because of the price but quickly regretted it. The shoe laces were the first problem they were very bulky and would untie themselves so I changed them for the laces of a different nike shoe. My second problem was the squeak, every step I took there was a squeak and it was so annoying. The last thing is that the are cushioned with a lot of foam like the laces which doesn’t give it a good support on your feet.