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Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3

Calzado de running en carretera para mujer


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Burdeos claro/Rosa óptimo/Sangría/Blanco
Negro/Azul resplandor/Rosa óptimo/Blanco
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Negro/Rosa óptimo/Azul verdoso lavado/Turquesa dinámico
Vela/Atmósfera/Rosa Oxford/Raíz de Rubia claro
Negro/Rojo universitario/Blanco/Carmesí brillante
Cubo océano/Azul gastado/Marino claro/Negro

Sigue siendo nuestro calzado más probado. Su diseño te sigue ayudando a mantenerte en movimiento. El Nike React Infinity Run 3 ofrece una sensación suave y estable con una pisada que te acompañará en todas tus rutas largas y cortas. La capellada transpirable está diseñada para brindar contención y, a la vez, flexibilidad. Incluso agregamos más amortiguación al cuello para brindarte una sensación de suavidad y protección. Sigue corriendo; tenemos lo que necesitas.

  • Color que se muestra: Cubo océano/Azul gastado/Marino claro/Negro
  • Estilo: DD3024-300

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Evaluaciones (26)

4.3 Estrellas

  • High arch support and comfort combine for a win

    Lauren - 05 ago 2022

    Fresh out of the box, the shoes are comfortable. I opted for a 3 mile jog, and noticed the consistent arch support and grip throughout. The shoes have held up strong on my daily runs, and I had no pain during the break in process. These are my go-to exercise shoes now!

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  • Not your Typical Running Shoe!

    Gaby - 05 ago 2022

    I was very impressed by the feel of these running shoes. Since I was used to not having much overall support from other running shoes I was expecting these to be similar to others, but to my surprise these provide a great balance of feet support/protection and lightweight feel. The shoes do feel a bit of hard at first but but after 3-4 running sessions you feel the shoe getting molded to your foot shape. I would recommend these for outdoor street running since they provide support around your foot so you feel more protected in uneven surfaces and the sole feels firm which provides additional stability. Overall a great running and much better than other ones I've tried.

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  • Solid running/walking shoe

    Kendric08’s wifey - 05 ago 2022

    Pulling these out of the box, the colors were attractive and caught my attention. It was a nice subtle white and light pink with pops of volt. I’ve gotten many compliments from random people of various ages when I’ve worn them. I haven’t gotten as many runs in with them as I would like, but with 3 runs and a lot of walking with them I will say they are very lightweight and breathable. My feet never got hot in these. I have semi flat feet but this had great arch support. I was able to wear these all day comfortably at the zoo walking around with my kids (which was probably the longest wear I had to date on them). This is a solid running shoe and great everyday shoe as well. The odd part I felt on these were the heel thickness. I appreciate the heel support especially running on pavement and your feet taking a pounding. Maybe it will take more time to get used to but it felt like I was wearing a high heel. Again not the biggest complaint since I like the added heel support from the element sole. The problem with flyknit is that although it’s lighter in weight and helps with breathability, once it gets dirty it’s hard to clean (aside from maybe throwing it in the washing machine). My kids stepped on my toe and it left a black mark on the flyknit. I tired to wash it out and some came out but still a mark shows because the material is light colored. Maybe the black ones won’t show as much dirt. When I received the shoes also, it seemed a little stretched out (even before putting my foot in it) where you could see holes. So far after about a month it’s held up fine, but longer term not sure durability wise if it would rip a hole in it. Overall though this is a solid pair of shoes I would recommend for running or even just everyday wear or walking. The design was nice to take the react elements and pair it with flyknit. I really liked how light they were. This being my first pair of flyknits, I did enjoy how breathable it was.

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