Nike Blazer Low '77 Jumbo

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Dicen: "No arregles lo que funciona". Nosotros decimos: "Perfecciónalo". El clásico calzado urbano de superestrella se reinventa con el Nike Blazer Low '77 Jumbo. Con el look de la vieja escuela que amas, ahora cuenta con un diseño Swoosh oversized y agujetas jumbo. La lengüeta de espuma afelpada y las costuras más gruesas representan el icónico look que ha sido aclamado desde el año 1977.

  • Color que se muestra: Blanco/Gris niebla/Vela/Naranja alfa
  • Estilo: DN2158-100

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Evaluaciones (22)

4.1 Estrellas

  • super cheap, possible quality control issues

    34f3b306-fee3-4b15-be33-c3a3d6c2916d - 03 de may. de 2022

    received a shoe with super cheap materials. the synthetic was already peeling off. the other reviews suggest this is actually a good shoe so maybe I got a bad batch

  • An Off-White Look Alike

    RiLLaDeLPHia - 05 de mar. de 2022

    First off, I'd like to mention that I've been collecting shoes since 2002! I've worn every shoe you can think of from Pony to Saucony! I fell in love with Jordan's and in return I grew a love for Nike's as well! One of my favorite Nike silhouettes is the Nike Blazer SB. This was my first time wearing a Blazer that wasn't a skateboarding edition. The Blazer Low '77 Jumbo fit true to size. I wore them everyday for a week to really get a true feel for the shoe. I walked my dog, went grocery shopping, gym, and even a trip to the mall in a nice outfit! They are the perfect shoe if you are a minimalist with fashion. The shoe is all white with a hint of orange. That helps it pop out but it doesn't do much in my opinion. The Jumbo Blazer didn't have the same cushion as the Blazer SB. The walk I went on with these shoes wasn't very pleasant, but I am flat-footed so that could've been the issue. The tongue has a sponge material that reminds me of the Off-White x Nike collaboration. A few people mistook them for a pair of Off-White Blazers, which was pretty cool. That's the only thing I really liked about the shoe. Outside of that, they were very basic. Not my speed, but it will do for the average Joe.

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  • Overall Pretty Good

    Gus - 04 de mar. de 2022

    These shoes are overall pretty good. I have a pair of the Blazer mids, and these shoes fit and feel pretty similar to those, except for the low cut of course. When I first got the shoes I was not too partial to not only the big swoosh, but also all of the other features that were enlarged on the shoe like the eye stays and general upper of the shoe. But as I wore them more, and got more used to them, the jumbo sized features grew on me, and I think they actually look pretty good. My only real issue with the shoe is the laces, though. I think that the laces are too thick and big for this shoe because even though everything is bigger, the overall profile of the shoe is still slim and narrow, and I think the laces don't fit in. But other than that, I felt like the shoes were really good, and pretty comfortable. I wore them for a couple days in a row, and found myself going back to them because they were the same classic blazer feel that I'm used to, but were refreshing and different because of the jumbo swoosh, and the nice orange color.

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