Serena Williams Design Crew

Tee-shirt de tennis à motif

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Blanc sommet
Écume de mer

Forgez le futur avec le tee-shirt Serena Williams Design Crew. Ce tee-shirt réinvente la tenue du quotidien avec une étiquette tissée personnalisée qui arbore la signature de Serena et les chiffres « 10 04 01 ». Ces chiffres représentent les 10 designers sélectionnés dans un seul but (ten for one) : créer une collection qui rend hommage à la diversité et à l’inclusion. Résultat : un tee-shirt au motif en tissu kenté inspiré de la collection pour une sensation de douceur cotonnée.

  • Couleur affichée : Écume de mer
  • Article : DJ6070-017

Taille et coupe

  • Le modèle porte une taille M et mesure 183 cm
  • Coupe standard pour une tenue décontractée

Livraison et retours gratuits

Livraison standard gratuite avec l'Adhésion Nike.

  • La livraison sera plus longue que d'habitude. Vérifiez la date de livraison estimée lors du paiement.
  • Vous pouvez retourner votre commande gratuitement, quelle que soit la raison, dans un délai de 60 jours.

Avis (15)

4.5 Étoiles

Great shirt for me AND my husband!

Stevie - 08 déc. 2021

I really loved this shirt, I love the material and typically buy men’s shirts when it comes to tee-s because I prefer a slightly looser fit.. I couldn’t keep this one away from my husband! He loves it and keeps snagging it from my clean laundry. I was worried the design would be too loud but it is surprisingly flattering for both him and me.

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Fun Shirt but Sizing is off

Andy - 08 déc. 2021

The Serena Design graphic tennis t-shirt is as fun of a design as you will find. Its a bold look that clearly puts art in an athletic shirt and makes it fun to wear. That said, looks only get you so far with a shirt. When I first put on the shirt it was extremely long even though it fit my frame well. When working out with it the bottom of the shirt would hang around the top of my thighs and get in the way of athletic movements (the my shirt is a medium and I am 6ft and 170lbs). The fabric of the shirt feels a little dense which may lead to better durability but its at a cost for comfort as the denser material causes some discomfort when working out. Overall I wish this shirt was more comfortable because the look is so unique!

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Attention Getter.. if that's what you're looking for

DragonPepper112 - 07 déc. 2021

This Nike shirt is definitely eye catching. I'm more of an introvert so I didn't enjoy all the attention I was getting in public. It is not colorful obviously but is very LOUD. The shirt by itself however is very comfortable. I really do enjoy wearing it inside the house whenever I'm just lounging around or doing yard work outside or if I'm grilling something in the backyard. I have noticed though that the black color fades quite fast. It was run through the wash cycle one time and I could tell right away that the black wasn't as vibrant as the first time I tried the shirt on. I usually wear a large and it did seem slightly big on me when I tried it on but after going through the washer and dryer once it came out the perfect size for me.

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