The Genesis of NextGen

For the latest innovation in VaporKnit, designers turned to an advanced technology, never before used in Nike Football apparel. The challenge of creating more breathability, anti-cling and sweat-wicking performance in VaporKnit came from "understanding how generative design could be applied to apparel materials and the performance of the body", NextGen VaporKnit Designer Charlotte explains.

With generative design brought into VaporKnit's design process, the journey of NextGen VaporKnit began.

NextGen VaporKnit Apparel Technology


Lightweight, high-performing and data-driven generative-engineered knit is the first of its kind.

NextGen VaporKnit Designer

NextGen VaporKnit Apparel Technology

Patterns for Play

"Wherever there's generative design in NextGen VaporKnit, it creates this swirl-like effect", says Designer Charlotte, who spent three years working on the apparel. The swirly 3D Knit patterns along the sleeves and sides are based on sweat and anti-cling maps of the body. The result: Peak performance in precisely the right places.

"We've structured it so that in the areas where it needs to be anti-cling it has more knit structure for sweat wicking", she explains. "And in the areas where there's less knit, there's more breathability".

NextGen VaporKnit Apparel Technology

Designing in Motion

We needed to secure a dynamic fit to meet the demands for today's high-speed styles of play. To start with, over three hundred athletes had their bodies scanned by the Nike Sports Research Lab. Together with the body scans, 4D motion capture of football-specific movements also informed the free-flowing but fast feel of NextGen VaporKnit tops and pants.

NextGen VaporKnit Apparel Technology