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Nike Metcon 8

Scarpe da training - Uomo

129,99 €

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Team Red/Cave Purple/Blackened Blue/Bright Crimson
Bianco/Nero/Photon Dust/Gold Suede
Armory Navy/Ossidiana/Cerulean/Arctic Orange
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Smoke Grey/Dark Smoke Grey/Light Smoke Grey/Bianco
Nero/Dark Smoke Grey/Smoke Grey/Bianco
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Insegui il tempo sull'orologio, sfidando e incoraggiando tutti i compagni in nome degli obiettivi e per migliorarti. Il nostro modello irrinunciabile per l'allenamento si basa su una tomaia più leggera e traspirante rispetto alla versione precedente, in grado di completare i nostri standard di resistenza e comfort, per farti affrontare il cardio, darti forza durante il sollevamento pesi e dominare gli allenamenti.

  • Colore mostrato in foto: Armory Navy/Ossidiana/Cerulean/Arctic Orange
  • Stile: DO9328-401

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Recensioni (9)

4.4 Stelle

  • Sturdy performance

    Chameleon fit (can do it all) - 30 nov 2022

    Starting with the design of the shoe, it is subtle and sharp. The shoe lines are simple making the shoe appear supporting and solid. And then just a slight pop with the wavy lines of the check part of the swoosh. The fit itself is nice for the purpose of working out. The heel feels solid and really supported when you need to push through that squat. The mid foot is locked in with the outer side extra support making the foot feel locked in. The toe section with a durable mesh and extra grid support on the outside ready for a solid push off with out feeling like you might blow out the pinky toe portion. The toe box was definitely stiff at first but after a solid few workouts it was much more flexible. The overall weight of the shoe is light which was a nice surprise mixed with the supportive feel. The lace lock technology is great to keep those laces in check while doing a lot of movement. The shoe is a great workout shoe, although I do not think I could wear the shoe all day long due to the fact the mid foot is so locked into the shoe which is great for the workout but the mid foot needs a little breathing room for comfort throughout the entire casual part of the day. What I like most about the shoe is the adaptive balance of the shoe which provides a collaboration to be able to do any type of training in just one shoe. If I were to try something new with the shoe I would test bringing the rubbery grid all the way around the big toe side of the toe box as I imagine it would feel more supportive with out giving up flexibility or breathability. Overall impressive good looking training shoe.

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  • The lace lock is a game changer

    AJ - 29 nov 2022

    This is my 2nd pair of Metcon’s. I am a firm believer in wearing the right shoes for different activities. The Metcon 8 is a great improvement of the form and function from the Metcon 6 training shoe. There’s great stability when doing weightlifting and there is enough flexibility for box jumps and HIIT workouts. Even though the shoe is for all around training I would recommend staying away from running. I typically wear a men’s 8 and these fit perfectly.

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  • A good shoe for a select set of people and specific settings

    Danny - 29 nov 2022

    The Metcon 8 is a training shoe intended for lifting and other sedentary weight training exercises. As intended the shoe is relatively flat with not a ton of support in the midsole. There’s 3 major factors when I grade a shoe: comfort/fit, design, and functionality. Comfort/Fit- So a bit about me. I am flat, but wide footed with a high instep. Basketball shoes, primarily Jordan’s, are super comfortable for me because they meet all of my foot requirements. This shoe is definitely not a Jordan and for someone like myself this shoe is uncomfortable. The shoe has a low instep and is designed for a narrow to average foot. I took a picture of how the shoe expands whenever I step down because of the wideness of my foot. The thin soles also don’t provide a ton of padding and the hard plastic heel cup is also very unpleasant whenever I step. I also noticed the shoe doesn’t have a ton of arch support so flat footers like myself may find this uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Design - the design is awesome. The simple black and white colorway is versatile and easy to wear. The upper is made of knit and is super lightweight and breathable. Although I have a high instep, the knit upper allowed for a slightly comfy fit on the top of my foot. The logo design on the side wall of the shoe and the ribbed look in the middle of the shoe also provides some character to the overall look and feel of the shoe. It’s a simple yet innovative design Functionality- I’m a big believer that a shoe should be versatile. For a shoe like this I feel it could be used for weight training, jogging, and indoor soccer. I’ve tried to wear this for other sports like indoor soccer and jogging but the shoe wasn’t able to support either of these activities. First, the knit upper is extremely thin so whenever jogging in cold weather or playing indoor soccer you can feel all of those elements like the coldness of the weather or the hardness of the soccer ball. Second, the padding in the soles provide no support for running and the impact all goes to the knees. I can say it was painful getting up the next morning. But as a weight training shoe, the product does its job. Since weight training is primarily a sedentary activity, there doesn’t need to be a ton of foot support. But anything outside of this is extremely painful. In conclusion, this shoe does the job it was intended to do: weight training. It’s not entirely versatile and can’t really be worn for people with wide and flat feet but for people with narrow width feet wanting to do some weight training, this is the perfect shoe. I can’t say that I would recommend this hands down since I’ve observed that the use case is for specific situations and for a specific group of people. If it had a wider width with more support, I would definitely recommend in that case.

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