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Nike Repel

Giacca da trail running - Donna

109,99 €

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Football Grey/Baltic Blue/Hyper Royal
Coral Chalk/Sea Coral/Pearl Pink/Sea Coral
Topaz Gold/Topaz Gold/Mineral Teal
Nero/Nero/Photon Dust
Sundial/Rush Fuchsia/Rush Fuchsia/Action Grape

Vestiti bene e affronta i tuoi chilometri con questa giacca packable e traspirante. Il tessuto morbidissimo e il cappuccio regolabile offrono il giusto comfort mentre esplori nuovi sentieri.

  • Colore mostrato in foto: Nero/Nero/Photon Dust
  • Stile: DX1041-011

Taglia/misura e fit

  • Altezza: 175 cm; taglia indossata: S
  • Loose fit per un taglio ampio

Spedizione e resi gratuiti

Consegna standard gratuita con la tua Membership Nike.


  • Il nylon riciclato nei prodotti Nike proviene da una varietà di materiali, tra cui tappeti riciclati e reti da pesca usate. Il nylon viene pulito, ordinato e trasformato in fiocchi prima di essere sottoposto a processi di riciclaggio chimici o meccanici per creare nuovi filati in nylon riciclato.
  • Gli indumenti che utilizzano materiali in nylon riciclato riducono le emissioni di carbonio fino al 50% rispetto al nylon vergine.
  • Scopri di più sul percorso di Move to Zero verso zero emissioni e zero rifiuti, compreso il nostro impegno per realizzare i prodotti in modo responsabile e aiutare a proteggere il futuro dell'ambiente in cui viviamo e giochiamo.

Recensioni (17)

4.6 Stelle

  • Stylish and Crafty Jacket for Both On and Off the Trails

    LKD - 21 mar 2023

    I love the lightweight feel of this jacket. It allows me to layer and still is breathable. The hood is super useful in wind and rain. I do wish it had pulls to tighten but not a deal breaker by any means. Great functionality with the two pockets. One is smaller which is perfect for earbuds or car keys. The other is larger and even has a hidden whistle attached! Super helpful in case of emergency, or even at the park to get kids/dogs attention. 5/5. Awesome Jacket. Would definitely recommend.

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  • Super cute and lightweight

    CRaya - 19 mar 2023

    I love this jacket. We finally got our spring weather so I've been able to wear this and not be too hot while walking. It does the job against the wind. I love that there's hidden pockets as well. I'm short but on the heavier size and was a little worried that it would be too small, but it fits just right. Very comfortable

    Articolo ricevuto gratuitamente o recensito nell'ambito della partecipazione a un sorteggio o concorso a premi.
  • Its so lightweight I almost forget its on!

    ANT - 19 mar 2023

    The Nike Trail Jacket is smooth to the touch and as light weight and as comfortable as they come, you almost forget it's on. It's a looser fit and it layers easily over a simple sports bra or when you wear a long sleeve t-shirt for cooler temperatures. Besides the fit, what I liked most about this jacket, hands down, is the color. Its a black and grey marble design, which made it super easy to dress. It's such a neutral color-way, I never had any problem styling it with my other gym clothes. I believe if you look good you feel good, so I love being able to put together a cute gym outfit before getting in a good run or workout. Another feature I love, was the hidden whistle inside one of the pockets. You don't even notice its there, its as light weight as the rest of the jacket, extremely discreet, and super functional. Especially when running, I think this is so useful for anyone, but specifically for women who love to go out for a run. I usually run alone and this made me feel even just the slightest bit more safe. The only thing that was a bit of a let down was the placement of the pockets. I've taken this jacket out running a few times already, and every time I wanted to reach for my pocket or try out the whistle I realized the pockets are awkwardly placed. They are placed a bit far back making it a little inconvenient to reach for. Now I am decently tall for a woman, as I am 5'9, with very long limbs and not quite sure if that has something to do with it, but I did find it a little uncomfortable. Specifically because one side pocket is even further back than the other. Now, because I use this mostly for running, it's not common for me to be leaving my hands in the pockets, so I still love the jacket overall. There is a total of 3.5 pockets, which is great. The half pocket is super convenient and much smaller for something like a small pod for your headphones or your keys. Overall, I can't wait to continue using my new Nike Trail Jacket. If you're looking for a super lightweight, water repelling, stylish and functional running jacket, I would definitely recommend.

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