Nike Football


For French designer Christelle Kocher, football kits are a constant source of inspiration. They often appear in designs for her own label, Koché, re-imagined and restructured into dresses and other runway looks.

Christelle Kocher Goddess of Victory Dress

And it's more than just football fashion. Christelle said her connection to the sport runs deep, starting with her football-obsessed family.

"When my father grew up, his childhood friend was Arsène Wenger", she said. "They were in football teams together when they were very young. My sister played football, my brother played football and football was part of my childhood".

Christelle Kocher Goddess of Victory Dress

So ahead of this summer's football tournament, we asked Christelle to make a dress for the Statue of Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory (and our namesake), as a celebration of the women who will be taking to the pitch and battling for their own glory.

"The main idea behind this dress was universality", she said, noting the dress is made from the same fabric as the shirts of 14 football federations.

"That's also how we like to imagine these women, who are very powerful, who have strength", she said. "All of these women who have so many roles, who work, who are active, who have a family, who have incredible lives. They are all Nike goddesses actually".

Christelle Kocher Goddess of Victory Dress

A supporter of Paris Saint-Germain (whom she's also collaborated with) with plenty of football kits in her own wardrobe, Christelle said sport is part of her daily life and identity.

"There's hardly ever a day where I don't start by doing some sport", she said. "I sincerely think that I wouldn't be the woman I am today if I hadn't done a lot of sport".