Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Luxe

7/8-os, magas derekú női Infinalon leggings

74,99 EUR

Style Color kiválasztása
Fekete/Dark Smoke Grey
Medium Ash/Particle Grey

A Nike Yoga Luxe leggings kidolgozott, magas szabású derékrésze körbeölel, nem áttetsző kialakítása pedig a guggoláspróbán is megfelelt. A Nike Luxe termékvonal részeként ez a leggings vajpuha Nike Infinalon anyagból készült, amelynek kompressziós kialakítása stabil érzetet nyújt, egyúttal szárazon tart, miközben nyújtasz és kitartod a pózokat.

  • Megjelenített szín: Fekete/Dark Smoke Grey
  • Stílus: CJ3801-010

Méret és fazon

  • A modell M-es méretet visel, és 173 cm magas
  • Szűkített fazon a testhez simuló érzés érdekében
  • Belső szárhossz: 66,5 cm (S-es méret)

Ingyenes kiszállítás és visszaküldés

Nike-tagságodhoz ingyenes normál kiszállítás jár.

Értékelések (75)

3.8 Csillagok

  • Comfortable but Very Disappointing

    9540374261 - 2022. máj. 21.

    I bought a pair of these about a year ago and loved how comfortable they are. The fabric is super soft and they fit perfectly. However they very quickly began pilling and fraying especially between my thighs even with following all the washing directions and washing in a delicates bag. I more recently bought another pair since the older one now has a hole in it. The new pair came with uneven hems and started pilling even after only using it for lounging. Very disappointing for the price since I expected higher quality.

  • I would suggest that you avoid, until they make them more durable

    03b57d2b-9f6e-4ded-a904-444d18755fc2 - 2022. máj. 02.

    Had this model for about two months, absolutely lovely, very comfortable, I looked really good in them. First, I have a white cat, so a lot of cleaning, because everything sticks to them. Second, I used to wear them to the gym and back home, I do not wear leggings at home, and they've started to fall apart between the legs. Material is very poor for a pair of leggings that cost 70gbp. I would really love it if Nike would work on this model to make it better because they are absolutely lovely, but they need to be more durable than 2 months, that is not acceptable.

  • Everyone needs a pair!

    13408287630 - 2022. ápr. 19.

    I am blown away by how soft these leggings are - even after being washed! I am in love and would buy them in every colour if Nike had them available