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  • Stílus: NJNJ3-010

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Great concept.. but no

ShamiaW407254292 - 2019. aug. 02.

I was so excited when I’d received my Nike hijab but it was way too short and my hair didn’t stay in place well with this material! Let’s just say ....my school had Field Day and the material became itchy once I’d started sweating and moving around! Great concept but no recommendation from me!

Stoked, but Nike Must Rethink Functionality.

NurA575459738 - 2019. júl. 16.

I absolutely love Nike for coming out with the Nike hijab. The idea is so bold and inclusive, I love you guys for that. But, The Nike hijab, as it is currently designed, is not at all functional. The thin strip of elastic just running along the circumference of the face is not practical. The elastic slips and closes in on the face with any movement... and this is a sport hijab... so there is lots of movement while wearing it. I love you guys, but please please work with a hijabi when designing the next series. Please ????.

Thanks, but not quite there yet

CassandraB47025072 - 2019. ápr. 24.

First of all, major props to Nike for the inclusivity. Nike became my brand of choice due to this product. However, sadly it just doesn't meet my needs. I do intense cardio, and it slides forward. It's itchy, doesn't stay in place, and my hair falls out the back. The only thing that works for me is a light hoodie/top with a built-in hijab. If Nike could do something like that with a good material I'd definitely buy it.