Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX

Férfi vízhatlan terepfutócipő

149,99 EUR

Nagyra értékelt
Style Color kiválasztása
Dark Chocolate/Bright Crimson/Volt
Fekete/Dark Smoke Grey/Iron Grey/Fekete
Rugged Orange/Fekete/Total Orange/Habanero Red
Obsidian/Matte Olive/Citron Tint/Siren Red

Térj le a kitaposott ösvényről, és lépj esős utakra a Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX cipővel.Ugyanolyan párnázott kényelemmel készült, mint amelyet szeretsz, masszív tapadása és a középtalp továbbfejlesztett szerkezete pedig stabil, semleges tartást nyújt.A vízhatlan felsőrész még akkor is mozgásban tart a sziklás ösvényeken, ha a viharos körülmények megpróbálnak lelassítani.Ne hagyd, hogy az eső megállítson – húzd fel a cipőd, és dacolj az elemekkel!

  • Megjelenített szín: Rugged Orange/Fekete/Total Orange/Habanero Red
  • Stílus: DC8793-800

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Értékelések (73)

4.7 Csillagok

  • The worst heel loop design I've ever experienced

    0275b11b-36cc-496d-8627-8f14e89286b8 - 2022. ápr. 13.

    The heel loops on this shoe are so weak that they ripped out after a single day of use. The already small heel loop is only attached to the shoe by being sown to a piece of weak rubber which is then glued to shoe. Because it is not a woven material, which allow stitches to pass through without damage, the material is basically perforated and prepared for an easy tear. After that rubber gives way, which wont take long, the heel loop will completely detach from the shoe. Simply lazy design. The previous version of this shoe had a much better heel loop, in that it actually served it's purpose without being destroyed.

  • Awesome

    53badfce-6788-4076-9870-5881e43d50ed - 2022. ápr. 09.

    These are just incredible. So Comfortable Perfect in wet weather too. The best trainer I have ever bought.

  • Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX

    5422740e-3456-44a9-936f-8d2007d6309a - 2022. márc. 26.

    These shoes I bought as work shoes are amazingly comfortable. I have only owned them for 2 or so weeks. But I have already walked just over seventy miles in them, and I can say this. They hold up against rain. They get a little wet after the entire day of walking, but it is much better than the average shoe. the $160 price point is hefty, but if you are looking for waterproofing and comfortability this is it.