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Nike Pegasus FlyEase

Könnyen fel- és levehető női országúti futócipő

129,99 EUR

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Fekete/Dark Smoke Grey/Fehér
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Engedd, hogy a Nike Pegasus FlyEase kiegyensúlyozott és energikus futást biztosítson bármilyen futáshoz, és segítsen új magaslatokat meghódítani. A tartást adó érzet megtartja a lábad, míg a talp alatti Air lendületet ad a lépteidnek a saroktól a lábujjakig történő súlypontáthelyezéskor. A Nike FlyEase technológia pántként funkcionál, így stabilizálja az illeszkedést. Megbízható, szárnyas igáslovad visszatért. Eljött a repülés ideje!

  • Megjelenített szín: Fekete/Dark Smoke Grey/Fehér
  • Stílus: DJ7383-001

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4.1 Csillagok

  • I work in the healthcare and these are great!

    kailaandres_ - 2023. nov. 16.

    I walk/run around at work a lot and hate having to tie shoelaces from time to time. The velcro really helps to keep your feet tight or you can also loosen it whenever you feel a little tired. They’re lightweight too! I made the best decision getting these! I hope Nike releases more designs in the future that are healthcare-worker-friendly.

  • I dig ‘em

    Kelsey413569370 - 2023. okt. 20.

    Loving these shoes so far! I know some people have complained about the Velcro strap that it sits weird and can be tight, but honestly I love it. Once you let go that it has to “look a certain way” you just wear it in the way that best fits you. I like the versatility if it’s tighter vs more loose fitting/looking. I wear these to my workouts and they are one of my new favorite airport shoes. I am not a runner so I wanna call that out quick, but I’m trying to get better at it and these shoes are def helping me. I can see how the tightness would bother someone flying due to inflammation and ver your flight journey or the length of time they are wore, but I make them work for me. I get lots of compliments on them too. Very comfy! I did size up to a 9.5 because I’m in between sizes and the other reviews I read said to go up a half size. Great tip for me.

  • Great running shoes

    Emma - 2023. jún. 19.

    I love these trainers. I was worried about them being velcro and whether they would hold for long runs as well as laces, but they are brilliant. I have no issues with that at all. I regularly wear them for half marathon distance. I ran an ultra in the recently, and my conclusion is that I probably wouldn't wear them for that kind of distance again, but for half marathon distance they are perfect.