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Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2


219,99 EUR

Nagyra értékelt
Style Color kiválasztása
Light Smoke Grey/Fehér/Tour Yellow/Fekete

Elődjeinek a kifinomultságához hű maradva, a Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 élvonalbeli innovációval egészíti ki a klasszikus sziluettet. A megújult dizájn a kellemes bőrt rejtett teljesítményfokozó részletekkel párosítja, mint például a Zoom Air és a kivételes tapadás – így a legjobb formádat hozhatod az első elütőhelytől a 18. lyukig.

  • Megjelenített szín: Fekete/Fekete/Fehér
  • Stílus: DJ6569-001

Méret és fazon

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Értékelések (18)

4.1 Csillagok

  • Versatile & comfortable

    Austin - 2022. aug. 09.

    These golf shoes feel very comfortable walking and standing, even on concrete it feels like you’re in running shoes. The rubberized spikes make stability and grip on any terrain a cake walk while also providing that comfort. The leather on top is very high quality while also surprisingly being very breathable. I will say that they run a bit smaller than expected and did not stretch much which resulted in a sore toe by the end of the round so I would suggest sizing up at least half a size. All around phenomenal golf shoe and can’t wait to see how well they break in as I play more.

    A terméket ingyen adtuk, vagy a vélemény egy nyereményjáték/ajándékozás keretében született.
  • more you wear them, the better they get

    smoj303 - 2022. júl. 12.

    It takes a few rounds to break in but once they do very decent golf shoes, very comfy, and bouncy, they hold up well looking for balls in the rough too.. nice leather if you keep them clean after each round. true to size only downsides are 1)the spike broke/fell out on the driving range once, but proceeded to change all the spikes they came with to champ scorpions and hopefully that will be the end of losing spikes 2) the react foam gets dirty, and a bit worn after 3 rounds 3) the inside 'wrap' thing is a bit annoying putting the shoes on, and it folds under the laces and takes a moment to adjust, no reason why it's even there, IMO, there is enough lockdown as it is. 4) the price refelts the technology used in the shoes, fair enough, but if you can find 'last seasons colors' it's worth getting them for sub-£100, I wouldn't pay any more

  • Awesome, but disapointing

    1882cb9d-1286-43d5-874c-d65ac5928526 - 2022. jún. 07.

    I have had these shoes for about 3 weeks now. At first I loved them, they were sweet looking, easy to keep clean, and comfortable. But as time went on the right shoe started to pop. The plastic part on the bottom of the shoe popped every single step.