Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7

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139,99 EUR
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Light Bone/Cargo Khaki/Light Army/Fekete
Fekete/Dark Beetroot/Ashen Slate/Dynamic Turquoise
Fekete/Anthracite/Pure Platinum

Fuss a terepen egy nagyon dinamikus futócipőben!A gyors és könnyű cipő szellőző és stabil érzetet nyújt, miközben a sziklás ösvényeken futsz.A továbbfejlesztett bütykök tapadást és stabilitást biztosítanak a lejtőn lefelé menet.

  • Megjelenített szín: Fekete/Dark Beetroot/Ashen Slate/Dynamic Turquoise
  • Stílus: CW6062-004

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Értékelések (43)

4.3 Csillagok

Beautiful trail shoe

S A. - 2021. nov. 23.

The Terra Kiger 7 trail running shoe is everything I am looking for in a shoe—comfortable, awesome color scheme and rugged for the trail!

Like Running on a Wobble Board

slmott - 2021. nov. 02.

I loved the last iteration of this shoe - the Terra Kiger 6 - it was light and fast and had just the right about of feel for sub-10 mile trail runs. When my dog decided to eat those shoes, I opted for the new 7s, and it has been a huge disappointment. Running in these shoes is an exercise in managing the excessively unstable midsole wobble. While I guess it might be a good core workout, or ankle strengthening routine, it saps the fun and power out of even short runs. It's like running on jello. In addition, they have changed the lacing and tongue in a way that is much more uncomfortable - and shrunk the heel loop to the point that it is un-useable with adult-sized fingers. I hate to be the guy who says "bring back the old version" but I guess I'll be that guy.


N P. - 2021. okt. 15.

If I'd paid full price for these I'd definitely have sent them back. They looked cheap the minute I opened the box. They feel flimsy. The tongue under the laces is so thin it rucks up every time I put the the trainers on and if I don't fiddle with the tongue to straighten it out it becomes uncomfortable. The laces are so short they don't stay done up. They're also made of some shinier than average lacing material which slips and adds to their inability to stay tied up. Consequently the tongue slips back down over the top of my foot and rucks up. I was very disappointed with the Nike MetconSF Men's Training Shoe but at least once I'd managed to get the shoe on (no mean feat, and left me so knackered I had no energy left for training!) it looked good. This will probably be the last time I buy Nikes online.