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Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% Eliud Kipchoge

309,99 EUR

Készülj fel az egyéni rekordod megdöntésére a Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% segítségével. A dinamikus hab és a két Zoom Air egység kombinációjával új szintet érhetsz el a futásban a következő maratonon vagy utcai versenyen. A minták és a színek Eliud Kipchoge rekorddöntő futása előtt tisztelegnek.

  • Megjelenített szín: Fehér/Lucky Green/Chile Red/Fekete
  • Stílus: DD8877-101

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Ingyenes normál kiszállítás a Nike-tagsági profillal rendelkezőknek.

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  • A vásárolt termékeket bármilyen okból ingyen visszaküldheted 60 napon belül.

Értékelések (4)

3.8 Csillagok

5 star shoe w/durability issues

cperry2942 - 2020. dec. 26.

A five start shoe in every category except durability. These shoes are fast, comfortable, and look good but they are definitely not for daily training. I use this strictly on the road or track for my speed and tempo workouts alternating with the Tempo Next% for my long runs. Ive had them for two months and have 92 miles on them and the sole is already wearing in the forfeit and the outside heal had wore down tremendously. Unfortunately at this price point I'd expect them to last a but longer. Even 200 miles would make these worth the cost.


johng662116994 - 2020. nov. 21.

I Love the bounce and the assist during my run. I just have to get used to it for long runs. I wish this Will be available soon in my country

Perfect but also not perfect

hakcii - 2020. nov. 10.

These Alphaflys are next level with the zoom pods and zoom x cushioning. The uppers fit perfectly and I appreciate the breathability of this material. Sizing is true to size (same sizing as the pegasus for me) You really feel like you are being propelled forward with these on! The only issue I have with these is, they're not great for flat feet. There is pressure due to the lack of support for those with wider/flat feet. If you have this issue, try the vaporfly next% instead.