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Eric Koston
Paul Rodriguez
Stefan Janoski

Alex Olson As the first 2nd-generation pro in skateboarding history (dad Steve was named Skater of the Year in 1978), Alex was raised on the classic ideals of style, power and flow. Coming up during a time when many skaters seemed obsessed with extreme technicality and counting stairs, Alex carved out a name for himself by mixing timeless standards with only the best of what modern skateboarding has to offer, executing across all terrains with a natural grace and command. Known for his creative sensibilities, sarcastic humor, and attention to detail, Alex brings more than just great skateboarding to the table. He embodies the approach of a cultured skater projecting his own personal style across all aspects of life.

Alex Olson

Ben Raybourn One can’t help but be hyped on this Texas-born ball of energy deadbent on destroying everything in his path. By largely ignoring much of modern skateboarding’s “street tough” trappings, Ben Raybourn utilizes a unique old-school approach combined with an incredible hang-on, hold-on full-speed attack that is undeniable at any session. Quickly making a name for himself with a grip of major contest wins, Ben followed suit with an impressive string of legendary magazine covers. Be it backside Burnside NBDs, gravity-defying ceiling antics or fuego footplants from the road’s majesty, Raybourn’s transitional wrath remains obvious and complete. Now stay out of his way.

Ben Raybourn

Blake Carpenter Pushing the limits of modern street skating by bringing the face-meltiest of super tech maneuvers to heights never before seen, Blake Carpenter represents a bold new vision for the future. Coming straight outta Long Beach by way of Daytona, Florida, Blake’s career has been steadily on the rise with a solid snap and unique (read: very difficult) trick selection. Quickly making a name for himself by expanding technically precise ledgework previously reserved for the knee-high and under set to full-size handrails, Blake’s impressive grip of video parts clearly stood out from the rest. Now as a new recruit for the Nike SB amateur squad, Carpenter’s quick rise just got that much more juice.

Blake Carpenter

Bobby Worrest One of the East Coast’s finest known for his special blend of technicality and raw power that ain’t afraid to get down in whatever the weather. Maryland native Bobby Worrest originally came up in Washington D.C.’s notoriously cut-throat Pulaski Park, one of the street skateboarding’s original landmark plazas of the 1990’s. Blending next-level ledgework with bombastic pop and proper style, Bobby’s talent was obvious, quick turning him pro in 2006 after a grip of standout video parts. Playing the industry game on his own terms with the talent to back it up, Worrest has tailored his Krookedest of career trajectories by zig-zagging back and forth from coast to coast to continue his quest for shred. Currently residing in NYC, the future for Bobby is wide open.

Bobby Worrest

Brian Anderson Brian Anderson has come a long way from shoveling snow out of his family's Connecticut driveway in order to hook up a desperately-needed launch ramp session. Aided by one of the most unmistakable and organic styles in all of skateboarding, Brian began his career with a seminal part in Toy Machine's “Welcome to Hell” and proceeded to win Thrasher's “Skater of the Year” honor just two years later. With a bulletproof rep built on a legacy of multiple game-changers down San Francisco's Hubba Hideout in addition to possessing one of the most aesthetically-pleasing varial flips in skateboarding, the Street Pirate continues to sail proudly among skateboarding's elite.

Brian Anderson

Chet Childress Always on the move, Chet Childress has turned his life’s fruitful journey into a fledgling, full-blown skate career. Be it pitching a tent in the backwoods of the American south or exploring the enigmatic in remote locations around the world, Chet insists that the only way to continue educating himself is through new lessons, new experiences, and of course, new skate spots. What Chet lacks in structured living, he more than makes up for on a skateboard as he is a beast of immense power and control in the midst of any transition.

Chet Childress

Cory Kennedy Cory Kennedy is a living testament to the endless progression of skateboarding as his limitless bag of tricks encompasses physics only previously thought possible in video games, fingerboards, and our imaginations. Cory burst onto the scene after an amazing display in the Berrics’ “Bang Yoself” video contest in 2009. Heading south from rainy Seattle to the sunny skies of Los Angeles, CA, Kennedy soon found himself embroiled in the notorious Battle of the Berrics 2 where he made the most of his new opportunity by battling some of skateboarding’s finest with favorable results. Having already positioned himself among the top technicians in the game, the full-impact of the Kennedy onslaught still awaits as he continues to kill it consistently. Consider yourselves warned.

Cory Kennedy

Daryl Angel Daryl Angel is not one for taking shortcuts. It’s almost as if he enjoys going against the grain of popular convention by making tricks harder for himself. Going frontside when it's easier to go backside or opting to wallie instead of ollie, Daryl will be the one guy grinding through the kink while everybody else is trying their best to avoid it all together. Never a dull moment, each session becomes charged with discovery as Angel challenges our pre-conceived notions with a cerebral take that is anything but by the numbers.

Daryl Angel

Donovon Piscopo While you normally wouldn’t refer to someone of his age as an “old soul,” Donovon’s style of skating possesses a maturity and point of view that one would only typically see in pros twice his age. Forgoing throw-away trends in favor of a more classic trick selection, Piscopo’s unique take may stem in part from his father, Anthony, a former sponsored skater himself and owner of the Pawnshop Skate in Covina, CA. With such natural ability coupled with the advantage of an intelligent influence, its no wonder that young Donovon has already established himself so quickly as one of today’s top talents who will guide skateboarding into tomorrow.

Donovon Piscopo

Gino Iannucci Despite notoriously being the quiet type, Long Island native Gino Iannucci loudly proclaimed his arrival to the skateboarding world with a choice backside heel down the infamous Gonz Gap at San Francisco’s landmark Embarcadero Plaza. With the entire industry forced to take immediate notice, Gino would quickly cement his legendary status in just a few short years with a grip of mind-blowing schoolyard and downtown lines in numerous classic video parts. The gold standard in style, Gino’s take is unique; always fluid, never forced and even when sketchy, it’s undeniable. Having adopted a more underground presence away from the spotlight in recent years, every bit of Gino coverage is a gem and hits like a ton of bricks. Untouchable.

Gino Iannucci

Grant Taylor Take the finest transitional skating of yesteryear, place it within the sketchiest skatepark behemoths found on the planet today, triple the size of airs and throw in an aggressive dash of modern street skating. The end result is 2011 Thrasher Magazine Skater of the Year, Grant Taylor. Whether it's the handrail hi-jinx of a gap out to 50-50 or the textbook gnar of a face-high Lien Crossbone air, Grant is where these worlds collide as this 2nd-generation pro represents the effortless culmination of skateboarding's evolution over the last 30 years.

Grant Taylor

Guy Mariano We are proud to welcome Guy Mariano, one of the greatest skateboarders of all-time, to the Nike SB team. He brings with him decades of influence and accomplishment while setting the bar currently with innovation and style. Guy is the favorite skater to many of the worlds best and in the ultra-critical world of skateboarding, it is no surprise that he has earned the nickname, “The G.O.A.T.”

Guy Mariano

Ishod Wair A switch heelflip down the infamous Love Park Gap in Philadelphia, PA would be strictly ender-status for most, but for Ishod Wair, you can just throw it somewhere in the middle. There’s plenty more where that came from. A nonstop monster of energy coming straight out of South Jersey, Wair exploded in the amateur ranks with high-speed progression and rapid-fire consistency. Quickly rising to the top with first place winnings in both 2010 Phoenix and Maloof Am competitions, his ascension to pro status was clinched in record time with the release of his earth-shattering debut part in Real’s “Since Day One.” And he has shown no signs of slowing down either, as his continually-growing stacks of clips and contest highlights will attest.

Ishod Wair

John Fitzgerald Although new to the pro ranks, John Fitzgerald has been holding it down for quite some time. Initially getting his big break in Slap Magazine’s One in a Million sponsorship contest several years back, John’s undeniable power was quickly snatched up by the Alien Workshop mothership. After a handful of video projects, including an absolutely brutal “Life Splicing” part in 2012, Fitzgerald now founds himself alongside fellow Nike SB rider and Pawnshop pal Donovon Piscopo on the always-fresh Hockey brand. Expect big things in the future from Big John.

John Fitzgerald

Justin Brock Adding to a long tradition of southern-bred all-terrain rippers, Justin Brock has grown notorious for skating some of the gnarliest street spots out there by employing a tranny skater's eye for inclines. Justin's a card-carrying member of the Cardiel school of speed, meaning that the faster he goes, the more board control he seems to pick up. Compound that with his ability to stomp out a switch 360 flip down a gap as easily as he can zip around the deep end of a bowl and you have one of the most well-rounded skaters in skateboarding today.

Justin Brock

Karsten Kleppan After steadily making a noise on the international scene for a few years now, Oslo, Norway’s Karsten Kleppan is finally ready for his close-up. Currently in the van out filming for his much-anticipated SB Chronicles Vol. 3 part, Karsten has separated himself from the legions of amateurs with an unmatched power in his skating along with a refreshingly unique trick selection. Classic lines ranging from the super gnar to the ultra-obscure, Karsten’s bag of tricks runs deep and is constantly evolving. He’s only just begun.

Karsten Kleppan

Kevin Bradley When just about every kid at the local skatepark could easily be seen in the latest issue of your favorite skate mag, young Kevin Bradley’s express train to the industry elite becomes all the more impressive. Having made big waves with an out-of-the-blue video debut, Kevin’s fluid style and unique trick selection make it abundantly clear that he stands out from the crowd. Anything but cookie-cutter, you won’t catch Kevin blindly following throwaway trends as he prefers a more distinctive approach tailored by his own point of view— the way it should be.

Kevin Bradley

Lance Mountain Lance Mountain has become an institution in skateboarding simply because he loves it. Starting out his pro career the early ‘80s, he became a founding member of the highly-influential Bones Brigade, and over the following 30 years Lance has largely ignored trends and politics in favor of focusing purely on the creative aspects of skateboarding, and simply how fun it is. A legend many times over, Lance still skates everyday and has the progression level to prove it. It’s that type of dedication that guarantees there isn’t a skateboarder alive who isn’t cheering him on.

Lance Mountain

Leticia Bufoni Join us in welcoming Leticia Bufoni as the newest member of the Nike SB global pro team. One of the winningest contest skaters of the modern era, Leticia has been putting it down in the parks and streets of her native Sao Paulo, Brazil for years. Proving herself at every session with a smooth style and solid trick selection, Leticia’s skating has gained a maturity and confidence as her career has quickly progressed into the international spotlight. Known for getting buck on just about any type of terrain you throw at her, Leticia will step to any gap or rail with a distinctive flow that’s all her own. Already a favorite with skaters the world over, Leticia’s on the fast track to legendary status. Super good.

Leticia Bufoni

Luan Oliveira The Brazilian wunderkind who blasted onto the scene with consecutive Tampa Am wins and an unapologetically brilliant debut video part. With an advanced technicality matched with next-level consistency, Luan Oliveira’s ascension to the professional level proved a mere formality as his knack for linking NBDs in unbelievable lines had been turning heads ever since he stepped off the plane. Steadily proving himself a force on the international contest circuit while simultaneously pushing the science of ledge and gap mathematics, Luan's ability remains without limitations as he continues to navigate uncharted territory.

Luan Oliveira

Nyjah Huston Collecting NBDs like so many first place trophies, Nyjah Huston’s road to glory has not been without its twists and turns. Barely into his twenties, Nyjah has already packed what seems like a lifetime of achievement into a career that barely spans a decade and only continues to gain momentum. Child prodigy, entrepreneur, philanthropist and born risk-taker, Nyjah repeatedly proves himself resolute in the most high pressure of predicaments. Not only is he seemingly void of all fear, Nyjah capitalizes on the unique ability to deliver on demand. Where precise technique meets the most mega of gnar, we are proud to welcome Nyjah Huston to the Nike SB team.

Nyjah Huston

Omar Salazar Armed with a resourceful eye, Omar Salazar has given skateboarding one of its most refreshing takes with regard to the possibilities our instrument is actually capable of. Never one to shy away from a sketchy spot previously deemed by others as too rough, too steep or downright too dangerous, Omar will find a way to jump over, on or through any object that catches his focus. With a creative approach that sees far beyond your typical blown-out skate spots, Omar’s mindset remains hell-bent on inspiring progression in whatever form or direction it chooses. Woo!

Omar Salazar

Sean Malto With unmatched technical precision combined with mind-boggling consistency, it’s easy to see why Kansas City’s favorite son, Sean Malto, has been on a worldwide tear since turning pro only a few short years ago. Having already won the 1st place title in the inaugural 2011 Street League series and claiming both “Rookie of the Year” and your “Reader’s Choice” awards from Transworld Skateboarding magazine, the future only holds bigger and better things as Sean continues to crush spots, win trophies, earn adoring fans and blow doors, all with an easy-going approach.

Sean Malto

Shane O’Neill Shane O’Neill is largely in a class by himself when it comes to natural skateboarding ability yielding absolutely amazing results. With unbridled technical precision coupled with an at-times curse of strict perfectionism, it’s not uncommon to witness Shane searching for satisfaction by repeatedly performing tricks that most others can only dream of doing once. But with capabilities like his, you can't really blame him for not wanting to deliver anything short of his absolute best.

Shane O’Neill

Theotis Beasley Theotis is, by far and away, one of the most positive individuals to ever ride a skateboard. While he attributes this trait to his proper upbringing, theories abound of how the real power of his positivity is nestled in his hat, which seemingly never leaves the top of his head. Even when reaching what surely would constitute the breaking point for others in hopes of putting down that elusive trick, Theotis can’t help but keep a smile on his face. Coupling his natural abilities on his board with an insatiable appetite for consuming all things “skate,” Theotis will undoubtedly be pushing skateboarding ahead with a healthy influence for many years to come.

Theotis Beasley

Trevor Colden Originally hailing from the trenches of Virginia Beach before making the leap to sunny California, Trevor has been steadily carving out a place for himself in skateboarding for several years now and despite his young age he is already an institution. Known for throwing himself down the gnarliest of gaps and rails without the slightest hint of hesitation, Trevor’s fearlessness is matched only by his incredible consistency. Relentlessly collecting NBDs on a worldwide tear, it was only a matter of time before the industry took notice of Colden’s handiwork, quickly claiming two milestones in the form of a Thrasher cover and a hard-earned Tampa Am 2011 victory. But Trevor wasn’t about to stop there, keeping his head down with a steady flow of clips and coverage earning pro status in 2013.

Trevor Colden

Wieger Van Wageningen It's hard to determine what Wieger has spent more time doing: sitting on airplanes or sitting on backside 180 nosegrinds across any number of well-known ledges throughout the world. Not one to simply fall in line with what everyone else is doing, Wieger will opt for flipping out of a trick to regular when normal protocol seems to be fakie, or decide to 180 something the hard way because, hey, it's different. Quickly earning his keep alongside any renowned legend of technical skateboarding, his habit of adding a special something to every trick has certainly paid off.

Wieger Van Wageningen

Youness Amrani Originating from Belgium, one of Europe’s smallest countries, Youness grew up training at a local skatepark owned by his mother to become one of the most versatile individuals in skateboarding today. He possesses almost inhuman board control and technical ability (Youness won Red Bull’s 2010 Manny Mania AM competition at age 18), yet you'll just as likely see him be the first to throw down on a gap or stair-set. Though his origin may be unlikely, Youness’ skill and willingness to skate any and every obstacle is bound to make him one of the most exciting skaters around for many years to come.

Youness Amrani

Nick Boserio Perth, Australia
January 2, 1988

Independent Trucks
OJ Wheels
Modus Bearings

Nick Boserio


Yuri Facchini Curitaba, Brazil
October 26, 1995

Independent Trucks
Mob Griptape

Yuri Facchini

Hjalte Halberg Copenhagen, Denmark
December 7, 1987

Spitfire Wheels
Street Machine Skateshop

Hjalte Halberg