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Ανδρικό παπούτσι αγώνων δρόμου

249,99 €
Υψηλή βαθμολογία
Dark Sulfur/Stadium Green/Light Sienna/Thunder Blue
Aurora Green/Chlorine Blue/Pale Ivory/Μαύρο
Glacier Blue/Chile Red/Pale Ivory/Μαύρο
Σχεδίασε το δικό σου προϊόν με το Nike By You

Συνέχισε την επόμενη εξέλιξη της ταχύτητας με ένα παπούτσι αγώνων που θα σε βοηθήσει να κυνηγήσεις νέους στόχους και ρεκόρ.Προσφέρει καλύτερη άνεση και κυκλοφορία του αέρα με ανασχεδιασμένο επάνω μέρος.Όπως και στην προηγούμενη εκδοχή του, αυτό το μοντέλο διαθέτει την αντικραδασμική προστασία υψηλής απόκρισης και τη σταθερή στήριξη που θα σου δώσουν ώθηση να καταρρίψεις το προσωπικό σου ρεκόρ, είτε πρόκειται για μια διαδρομή 10 χλμ. είτε για τον μαραθώνιο.

  • Εμφανιζόμενο χρώμα: Aurora Green/Chlorine Blue/Pale Ivory/Μαύρο
  • Στυλ: CU4111-300

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Αξιολογήσεις (28)

4.6 Αστέρια

Great shoe... Durability is a concern

RyanG103607070 - 16 Οκτ 2021

These are incredible shoes, but they wear out very quickly. During my last marathon it appears the fabric started to seperate from the sole and I am very nervous to use them for my next race. Shoe failure during a marathon will make hitting the wall a positive experience.

the best and fastest shoe of Nike

jimpapi - 13 Οκτ 2021

i compared this with alphafly and also with other nike is soft , comfortable and very very fast...helps the foot return with a nice and smooth stride. Alphafly was not faster and not comforable. I felt it very stiff and like tempo shoe made my leg muscles suffering more in fast pace...i must say that i am a very light runner (59-60 kgs) so i found pebax much better without the airbag...

Incredible Shoe

AidanB543568126 - 12 Οκτ 2021

These are by far the best running shoes I’ve have ever worn, the only thing that I can even say is bad about these shoes is the longevity I have a pair that I have used for about 200 miles and, they still function but the cushion is really worn out and flattened. The carbon fiber plate as well I think was so worn out that you hardly felt the bounce anymore. On the other hand I bought I just bought a brand new pair and they are amazing so what I would do is save this shoe until a big race days or they will wear out very quickly.