Nike Dri-FIT (M) Swoosh

Αθλητικός στηθόδεσμος μέτριας στήριξης με ενίσχυση (μητρότητας)

47,99 €
Υψηλή βαθμολογία
Active Pink/Active Pink/Λευκό
Medium Olive/Medium Olive/Λευκό

Εκτός από μητέρα, είσαι και αθλήτρια. Για πρώτη φορά, η Nike σχεδίασε έναν αθλητικό στηθόδεσμο ειδικά για εσένα. Ο αθλητικός στηθόδεσμος Nike (M) Swoosh έχει σχεδιαστεί με διακριτικές στρώσεις που διευκολύνουν λίγο περισσότερο τα διαλείμματα για το τάισμα ή την άντληση με θήλαστρο, ενώ διαθέτει ειδικό ύφασμα διαχείρισης της υγρασίας για τον θηλασμό. Αυτός ο στηθόδεσμος μέτριας στήριξης είναι έτοιμος να σε βοηθήσει στην προπόνηση, είτε γυμνάζεσαι στο σπίτι ή στο γυμναστήριο είτε τρέχεις στον δρόμο.

  • Εμφανιζόμενο χρώμα: Active Pink/Active Pink/Λευκό
  • Στυλ: CQ9289-621

Μέγεθος και εφαρμογή

  • Στενή εφαρμογή για αίσθηση που αγκαλιάζει το σώμα
  • Μέτρια στήριξη

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Αξιολογήσεις (31)

4.3 Αστέρια

Love it, Buy it

S A. - 04 Ιαν 2022

This was a great buy! I got it on sale and the quality is amazing. Super comfortable and fitting. Provides easy access for nursing.

J A. - 27 Δεκ 2021

Works perfect Runs a lil bigger but fit is perfect

An Oasis for Comfort During the Desert of Pregnancy

L F. - 02 Νοε 2021

This maternity bra is truly the highlight of my pregnancy. I am a 34A on a good day, and while I've experienced some swelling of my boobs while being pregnant, it's still not enough to fill out a normal bra (not to mention that I feel like the proportions of pregnancy boobs aren't the same as normal boobs bigger than mine). Maternity/nursing bras are the pits and offer very little support or concealment otherwise. I also just tend to find sports bras more comfortable normally, and don't want to spend a lot of money on bras I won't be able to wear long term. However, my regular sports bras are absolutely cutting into my rib cage and adding to my discomfort of being pregnant and huge. This sports bra is fantastic. It still offers enough support and lockdown in the main part, while allowing for the adjustable band at the bottom to alleviate the tension I feel in my other sports bras. I love the crossover design and the light padding helps keep things covered up. I'm 33 weeks in my first pregnancy, but I think the design will lend itself well to pumping/nursing. And, I do think I can continue to wear this after nursing as well, unlike other nursing-specific bras - worth it (to me) to spend the money now. I bought the one on sale and immediately bought three more at full price, because aside from my Snoogle body pillow, this has been the most comfortable and rewarding purchase I've made during pregnancy. I can't recommend it enough, especially for the small-boob girls.

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