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Looking Forward: New 20/21 Match Ball

Introducing the latest version of the Nike Flight ball, designed exclusively for the 2020/21 Premier League season.

“The most important thing about a ball is being able to put it where you want it every time. Consistency over everything else.” Harry Kane

Incorporating Nike’s new AerowSculpt technology, the ball delivers a measurable benefit of 30% truer flight than its predecessor; the revolutionary ball design delivers superior aerodynamics to anything that has come before.

The design for the Premier League match ball speaks to three notable characteristics of Premier League gameplay; speed, precision and explosiveness, with angular chevrons and Laser Crimson glow. For a look as clean and striking as the shots on target the ball will deliver.

A Letter From Harry Kane

Dear players and fans around the world,

When I was a boy growing up in East London, the ball was everything to me. I was always dreaming of playing in the Premier League.

I remember watching the amazing matches and those dramatic comebacks as a kid. All of those moments have shaped my love of the game today.

The passion and undying belief of the fans is what drives me, the players and the clubs, year in, year out.

Because in this league, everything is built on the ultimate combination of pace, precision and explosiveness. And with the ball at our feet we believe we can always achieve more, for our club and the fans.

A new ball is an opportunity for new hope. A chance to look forward to greater goals, greater games and more unforgettable moments.

Keep playing, keep up the passion – and remember, it all starts with a ball.

Harry Kane