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Nike Play New: Football

Welcome To New Football

This is New Football. It’s for the game-changers, the ones just taking part and even those yet to kick a ball. It's a community that is improving and driving football forwards. Everyone's welcome —so join us in the Nike App for new perspectives, new activities and new experiences that will make the game what you want it to be.

Nike Play New: Football
Nike Play New: Football

Bring the love, leave the hate. We'll unearth new stories and celebrate new heroes. You'll discover tips from pros and grassroots players alike and find your own way to make the most of the beautiful game, on pitch and off.

Nike Play New: Football

Find Inspiration

Discover authentic stories from every corner of the game from Marcus Rashford to Right to Dream. Hear the changes they plan to make, the stories behind the heroes and the difference football’s made to every one of their lives.

Nike Play New: Football

It Starts With A Ball

Football belongs to those who play. So, get active as we bring you a suite of activities to help you get the most out of the game. Get better or just get involved, with the ball at your feet the world’s a better place.

Nike Play New: Football

Over To You

Have your say or play your way with Nike Experiences. From round tables to rondos, we’ll bring you new events to attend and shape —online or in person —as Members get exclusive access to an ever-expanding world of football.

Join us on a journey to play new together.