Equality isn't a game. But achieving it will be our greatest victory. That's why we keep playing, Until We All Win.

Our Athletes

Celebrate With Us

This exhibition tells the story of black British sporting excellence from the past, present and future at NikeTown London. Step into the Black History Month photobooth and capture an image that symbolises solidarity and celebrates black British contributions to sport.

Sported X Nike

Nike is proud to support numerous local organisations providing services to underrepresented youth, including black British youth. We're partnering with Sported for the next year to mentor 12 entrepreneurial young Londoners who are inspiring and enabling the next generation to play more sport in their local communities.

The Artists Behind The Work

We’ve partnered with three British artists who have created illustrations to express their interpretation of black British sports - past, present and future.

Black History Month UK Jersey

In celebration of the most influential black British athletes and their contribution to sport we have launched a 
Black History Month UK jersey. Designed as a symbol of solidarity and a shared identity. Beyond the aesthetic 
this bold visual is all about making a positive statement and inspiring change.

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