Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39

Chaussure de running sur route pour Homme

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Le running est un rituel quotidien, chaque pas vous rapprochant de votre objectif personnel. Laissez la Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 vous permettre d'atteindre de nouveaux sommets, que ce soit pour l’entraînement ou le jogging, grâce à son design intuitif. Plus légère sur le dessus que la Pegasus 38 et idéale quelle que soit la saison, elle offre une sensation de maintien qui stabilise vos pieds, tandis que l'amorti et les deux unités Zoom Air (une de plus que sur la Pegasus 38) apportent un dynamisme supplémentaire à votre foulée. Votre chaussure ailée préférée est de retour. Le moment est venu de prendre votre envol.

  • Couleur affichée : Rouge sirène/Rouge argile/Phantom/Noir
  • Article : DH4071-600

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  • Pegasus Parade

    Pegasus Pride - 27 juin 2022

    Amazingly comfortable product. There was a great energy return upon taking one step and striding forward. Full disclosure I was injured when I received the product so I had very low expectations for it upon arrival due to my less than amazing condition. However I believe because of my injured state I was able to hone in more on how the shoe actually felt and performed on my foot. The shoe fit perfectly on my foot and had both an amazing Air Max bag in the hell sole unit but also a firm yet gentle Zoom Air forefoot bag. There was little if any energy loss upon foot stride on each step and the entire sole from tip toe to hell were surrounded in comfort. I have flat feet and I was encapsulated in comfort from my first step until I sat down and started to untie my shoes. The laces were a great length and did not have to be double tied and were not so short that my foot would slide out upon stepping out. Energy return and comfort are the most important factors for me and you will not be disappointed in the slightest with this Zoom Air Pegasus 39 model. I felt like the shoe had a very solid and strong design. I favor larger swooshes and Jumpman logos on my sneaker but others may not, but I do not feel like the design was either crowd conforming or super outrageous either. I felt as if I truly hated the design I could not rage against the comfort and ergonomics of the sneaker. I did take more of a stylistic chance with the color in this model. I did enjoy the sea foam green foam zoom air sole the Pegasus offers as well as the contrast with the plum outlined large swoosh on the lateral side as well as the complete full plum swoosh on the medial side. I enjoyed the speckling of the outsole and the thickness of it as well. I wasn’t a fan of the faded and yellowed look throughout the upper when I initially held the shoe but I grew to love it. I understand that the more dated a shoe looks the longer a lifespan it can have verses having a completely white or black shoe. It was a risk that I took and I am happy I took that stylistic chance. It has previously been stated about how comfortable the shoe felt to me. I was injured and had to alter my gait (walking style) to accommodate my pain and the shoe reduced the pain I felt while wearing other shoes. For me im not sure I can give any shoe higher praise. I will continue to wear this shoe while I am on the mend and when I return to 100%. I could not be more confident in a new model for work and exercise as I am in the Zoom Air Pegasus 39. I work in a very step heavy field (medicine) and I cannot settle for average. This shoe gives me both the durability and comfort that I both seek and require as well as not breaking the bank. I will continue to wear these for work and for leisure. I love these sneakers and will continue to endorse them at work and the gym. You aren’t going to find a better shoe that rises to the challenge of being on your feet all day, physically training and assistance with a leg injury. I am grateful that this shoe was released at a time when my body needed it the most. For the price and durability you can’t find a better sneaker on the market. If I had to change anything about the shoe I would have it be available in more basic colors like black and white or have the colors able to be modified by the consumer more fully. Great sneaker Nike, keep up the good work.

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  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39

    Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 - 27 juin 2022

    The newest version of the Nike Pegasus brings back that comfort I expect from this line. My favorite Nike Pegasus was the 35, and this is the best version I've had since. Right at step in, it gently hugs the foot and I find it true to size with ample toe space. It feels very plush underfoot and you do notice the air units under the front part of the midsole. If I had to describe these in one word, it would be COMFORTABLE. They are very comfortable to walk around in and a great option if you're on your feet all day. They are a good mix between soft and firm. On the run they are stable and provide a smooth ride. I was expecting more energy return from the air units, but I still felt like they had a decent amount of responsiveness. This would make for a great daily trainer that seems to be very durable. I LOVE the colorway with the green midsole and purple accents. It's the small details like the solid Nike Check on the inner side of the shoe and just an outline on the outer side of the upper that really makes the shoe pop! Overall I think this is another great shoe from the Pegasus line, comfortable, durable and stylish.

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  • The most comfortable pair of running shoes I have owned.

    Khalid - 26 juin 2022

    The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 is the most comfortable pair of running shoes I have ever owned. I primarily wore them on the stair master and treadmill at the gym. I struggled to find a comfortable pair of running shoes that relieve the impact of running on a treadmill. The Air Zoom Pegasus 39 did exactly what I needed for the discomfort I experience when running on the treadmill. I have no complaints about the shoe whatsoever and my favorite features are their breathability and comfort from the cloudlike-feeling soles. These will now be my go-to running shoe. I would give the Air Zoom Pegasus 39 a 5/5 and would recommend these shoes to anyone in the market for a pair of comfortable running shoes that absorbs the impact of running.

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