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Nike Zoom Alphafly Next Nature

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299,99 €

Repoussez vos limites tout en contribuant à notre démarche de développement durable.Nous avons conçu la Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature avec au moins 50 % de matières recyclées en poids pour contribuer à l'avenir de la planète sans rien concéder en termes de performance.Elle est conçue pour vous aider à pulvériser vos records personnels, avec une coupe respirante, stable et légère comme l'air.Vous avez des objectifs à atteindre ? Enfilez-la et brisez toutes les barrières, dans un look respectueux de l'environnement.

  • Couleur affichée : Étain mat/Rose arctique clair/Crème clair/Noir
  • Article : DB0129-001

Taille et coupe

  • Taille petit : nous vous recommandons de commander une demi-taille au-dessus

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Méthode de fabrication

Ce produit a été conçu de manière écoresponsable en utilisant des matières recyclées issues de matériaux de consommation ou de déchets industriels recyclés. Ce qui nous permet d'avancer le plus dans notre démarche visant à atteindre le zéro déchet et une empreinte carbone nulle, est le choix des matières. En effet, ces dernières représentent plus de 70 % de l'empreinte carbone d'un produit. La réutilisation de plastiques, de fibres et de tissus existants nous permet de réduire considérablement nos émissions. Notre objectif est d'utiliser autant de matières recyclées que possible, sans faire de compromis sur la performance, la durabilité et le style.

  • Apprenez-en davantage au sujet de Move to Zero, notre démarche qui vise à atteindre le zéro déchet et une empreinte carbone nulle, en réinventant notamment nos produits selon une approche durable pour protéger le futur de la planète sur laquelle nous vivons et faisons du sport.

Avis (24)

3.4 Étoiles

  • Like Running on Clouds

    Brittany - 17 juin 2022

    I like the funky modern look of these shoes. The mix of neutral color and added pops of color make them versatile enough to wear with a wide range of outfits but still have a unique look to keep them from being boring. The knit material makes them a tad snug at first but also very comfortable. You will need a nice pair of low socks with these. If you are in between sizes, I'd recommend a half size up. The shoes actually became more comfortable after wearing them for extended hours. I'd also note that the foam sole did not hurt my foot arch as some shoes do, so that is an added bonus.

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  • An excellent running shoe for all uses

    Brad - 13 juin 2022

    At first trying these on, I noticed immediately how comfortable they are. As I laced them up, they fit my feet perfectly in the size I normally wear. Going for a run there’s an excellent support given from the bottoms of the shoes and feels as almost if a spring is pushing and propelling you up and forward, also helping to alleviate stress put on my knees. And after wearing them for a day out running errands, visiting a zoo, and just generally being on my feet all day, there was much less soreness felt in my legs, back, and feet. The design is mostly alright, I genuinely enjoy the circle mad from the swoosh, along with the grey/pink chosen. I do, however, dislike the rust colored line that makes its way around the lower portion of the show, as it looks like it’s been worn already, and just dirty in general. Overall, these are absolutely a shoe I would buy and wear/use for many different purposes

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  • Fred - 06 juin 2022

    The Alphafly Next Nature fits super snug out of the box. The Flynit and the Flyprint upper are a bit stiff for the first two or so wears, then they start to get a little looser as you wear them for a pretty nice fit, snug so your foot doesn't move around but not too tight as to be restrictive. First time wearing the shoes I noticed that the shoe puts your feet in a position where your toes are higher than your heel and that was a new feeling for me. After about 30 or so minutes I started to feel my calf muscles getting activated. I'm not a huge runner but I could instantly tell the difference with these shoes. The shoes have a good amount of cushioning. The shoe is also really bouncy and you can definitely feel it while out running. I also set a new PR for myself so there's that. Was it the shoes? I want to say yes. The design of the shoe is not my favorite. I love the flynit upper but I don't like my shoes to have such big heels. That being said, I do love recycled materials. What I don't like about it is the excess amount of glue that was all over the heel. I'd love to see an updated version where the recycled materials would be a little less noticeable.

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