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Why Girls Need Sport

Nearly 20 years ago, Brandi Chastain scored one of the most historic—and iconic—goals in football to earn the US Women's National Team the sport's biggest trophy.

Yet that moment may have never happened, Brandi says, if not for the encouragement she received as a young girl to just start playing in the first place. The football legend's mission now is to give that same motivation to other young girls to find joy and confidence on the pitch, through her non-profit, the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative.

"I believe sports allows young girls a platform to explore and to express themselves", she says. "To fall down and get the hell back up and fight again, and to challenge themselves and to know they're good enough. They don't have to question that. They just have to know it".

The woman loves to drop wisdom—and we're here for it. Watch as Brandi explains the power of sport.