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Air Max Day 2020

Leah Dy Angeles

Paris is known as the city of love: a love for fashion, art, romance, but also for sneakers. In honour of Air Max Day 2020, we made a journey to the French capital to meet up with sneaker aficionado Leah Dy Angeles.
20-year-old Leah was born in France and raised in California. Aged eight she moved back to France. "My first official job was at NikeLab P75. I then left Paris to move to Amsterdam to become associate manager at Oqium." In less than a year, she decided to go back to France. "I’m a Parisian and I realised that my inspiration stems from the diversity in Paris. I became a photographer in this city, and that is why it was my duty to go back to my playground."

It's no coincidence that Leah has a passion for photography. "My dad was a photographer, so I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was very young.” After a couple of years of hobby photography she purchased her first camera, and soon enough found herself shooting street style photography for Fashion Weeks in Paris, London and more. "Now, I am trying get out of my comfort zone and attempt more artistic photoshoots with a diverse group of models."

Alongside photography, Leah is also very passionate about travelling (she has visited 25 countries), music, fashion, and sneakers, another trait she picked up from her father, who also used to collect sneakers. "I’ve owned a lot of Air Max 1, Air Max 95, Air Max 93, and Air Max Plus TN. Although I owned so many Air Max sneakers, I did not fall in love with the ‘Air’ aspect, but rather the shape of the shoes, the colourways and the history." In 2017, the Nike VaporMax came into her life. "I went to Châtelet–Les Halles to celebrate Air Max Day and the launch of the VaporMax. I was the first customer to buy it at midnight. A few days later I was running after a metro and felt the propulsion of the air in the VaporMax. It was then and there I truly fell in love with VaporMax."

Even though there is a lot of hype involved in sneaker culture today, Leah believes that everyone can get involved in their own way. "I believe that there are still people who are genuinely passionate about sneakers. Those who love to know the history of the shoes, the colourways, who designed it, the fine details of the shoe, the inspiration behind the idea, etcetera. This is what I love about sneaker culture."
Speaking about her ambitions in the future, Leah says "ambition is a very important word to know and live by. I define ambition as one’s will or desire to accomplish or achieve a goal through a process that demands hard work, passion and determination. My personal ambitions are to be a great photographer, to have a close-knit family of my own, and to be happy and live my life to the fullest."

Get Involved

Let your voice be heard as we approach Air Max Day 2020. Post a picture of yourself wearing your favourite Air Max for a chance to be selected by Leah and be featured on the next Rock ‘Em. Here’s what you need to do:
1. Wear your favourite Air Max

2. Take a picture of yourself in portrait mode—make sure it’s full-body and of good quality

3. Post your picture on Instagram, and tag it with #AirMaxDay and @leahdyangeles

You have until noon CET on Friday, 27 March.
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