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Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%

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Las Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% vienen con un diseño más ligero y más rápido que te los anteriores para quitarte todos los obstáculos y que batas todos los récords. Con más amortiguación en la planta del pie y menos peso en la parte superior, el resultado es un retorno de energía y una comodidad sin precedentes.

  • Color mostrado: Bright Mango/Citron Pulse/Negro/Blackened Blue
  • Modelo: AO4568-800

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Evaluaciones (96)

4.7 Estrellas

Best running shoe for Marathon!

RadhaS886927742 - 05 abr. 2021

I like the breathability of the top. Very lightweight shoes. I dont have wide toe, but the slightly wide toebox, really makes me feel very comfortable. I have couple of ultraboosts, which which always gives me blisters for long runs but not this one. The toe box is perfect and also it keeps my toes cool. Only complaint is I dont the availability of these shoes are not great. Hoping the Vaporfly 2 will be as good as this.

Feels unnatural but comfortable and are so fast :)

RichardF770516086 - 13 mar. 2021

My first impression when I took them out of the box was they looked unlike anything else I'd ever seen before. Then I picked them up and they are so light. They felt really plasticy and a bit unnatural. Then I put them on and they felt sort of flimsy and again quite plasticy. Don't judge a book by it's cover! I do a lot of triathlon. Running in these is like moving up from a good bike to a top of the range carbon bike with aero wheels and a tri bar - strange initially, but faster. It's like wearing a good wetsuit, you feel slightly detached from the water, but go faster. Running in these is like wearing 'other' trainers on a running track, only bouncier. This is a revolution in footwear. I put my 'what I thought were good' trainers on after running in these and they just felt dead. I measured my stride length, which is longer. Cadence is higher, probably aided by their extraordinary lightness. Don't wear these for anything other than running (or even just racing, train in others to preserve them) long distance in straight lines. Badminton, basketball . . . will all probably result in then ripping apart very quickly. That's not what they are for. I'm an engineer - well done Nike for creating a truly exceptional product. Thanks :) I gave 5 stars, but would have given 7 stars if I could. These are the Burj Al Arab of trainers. I've never been there but I can't afford to go there now I've bought these! I think I'm the kind of person who'd get more out of the trainers than lying on a comfy bed in an air conditioned hotel . . .

Great shoe!!!

Broderick2016 - 04 mar. 2021

Im someone who runs indoor on the treadmill because I have very bad knees and a bad back. Whenever I run with these shoes I immediately feel the difference with my knee and my back pain. These shoes are extremely comfortable and makes me feel like im running on clouds which I love but at the same time I also have the stability which I like. Whenever I put on different shoes to run in it just doesn't compare.