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Nike Windrunner

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Hasta/Dark Cayenne/Pure Platinum/Solar Flare
Solar Flare/Beach/Laser Blue/Negro
Negro/Dark Smoke Grey/Blanco/Blanco

Mantén las carreras fuera de pista en los días más fríos. La chaqueta Nike Windrunner está confeccionada con un tejido ligero y resistente contra los elementos, y cuenta con una capucha para ofrecer protección durante los kilómetros al aire libre. Los comentarios de runners de trail nos han ayudado a diseñar nuestra equipación para las carreras, con numerosos bolsillos y manoplas que se pueden guardar cuando no se utilizan.

  • Color mostrado: Solar Flare/Beach/Laser Blue/Negro
  • Modelo: CZ9054-761

Talla y ajuste

  • Modelo: talla M y 183 cm de altura
  • Ajuste estándar para una sensación cómoda

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Método de fabricación

  • El poliéster reciclado empleado en los productos Nike procede de botellas de plástico recicladas que se limpian, se desmenuzan y se convierten en pellets. A continuación, los pellets se transforman en el hilo nuevo de alta calidad que se utiliza en nuestros productos, para proporcionar un rendimiento máximo con un menor impacto en el medioambiente.
  • Además de reducir los residuos, el poliéster reciclado reduce las emisiones de carbono hasta un 30 % en comparación con el poliéster virgen. Nike recupera una media anual de 1.000 millones de botellas de plástico de vertederos y canales.
  • Obtén más información sobre las iniciativas de Move to Zero, por ejemplo, qué hacemos para fabricar productos de forma responsable y ayudar a proteger el entorno en el que vivimos y jugamos.

Evaluaciones (20)

4.2 Estrellas

ElliMayJ - 27 mar. 2021

I have the Nike windrunner jacket in the colors beige, red, and blue. I love this color combo because they are more neutral colors and would look good with other clothing. The colors don’t stand out too much, just enough. I have the size medium jacket since I normally wear size medium clothing. It fits more form fitting but has enough material for a more muscular build to do activities like rope climbing, paddling, fishing, and a range of movements. It didn’t feel like the fabric was being over stressed. I brushed my back again a tree when climbing and no material snagged. It’s seems like it is made from some type of rip stop material. The Nike wind runner jacket has great breathability around the chest area. When going for the morning run and the body starts warming up, cool off is a lot easier because of the open chest overlap material that has mesh underneath. The rounded hood has great breathability as well. It doesn’t feel like it falls down in my face, blocking my view. The style of the hood is nice too. There are hidden gloves attached to the top of the sleeves just above the wrist. I pull them out and slip them on my hands. It helps the cold wind from freezing my hands. They are easily tucked away in the sleeves when not needed. The zipper to close the jacket I do question a bit as it is lighter weight and not as beefy. I wonder how well it will hold up after multiple uses. So far everything on this jacket was pretty top notch. I would recommend it for the quality. The price may be slightly high. I would rather pay more for something I like that I know that will last. This does seem like it could possibly meet that.

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My new favorite jacket

Manuel - 27 mar. 2021

Restarting my health journey and decided to add some outdoor cardio to my gym schedule. Living in Texas with such unpredictable weather, I wanted to have a jacket that was versatile with the changes. This jacket is it! With the cooler morning and evenings, this keeps me covered from the chilly winds and dry from the morning drizzled we have been getting lately. This jacket even has mittens hidden in the arms to cover your hands if it gets too cold on my run. There are just so many pros to this jacket. Love the mesh areas for the ventilation and it allows the jacket to still feel cool even after that Texas sun come out. One of the many pros is how lightweight and breathable it is, I even find myself wearing it even after my workouts just because it's so comfortable and the style of the jacket makes it very wearable. Nice deep pockets to throw my keys in and not worry about them falling out on the trail.Another aspect I love is the dual zippers. Being a bigger guy, when I sit down, a lot of other jackets feel tight around the waist but with this feature I can loosen it and not worry about it being uncomfortable. The fit is amazing and just the right size for even my height. I feel being on the taller side some XXL jackets look too baggy or can be too long depending on your size. I will say the only con I found on this jacket was the side pockets have caught on to doorknobs or handles a few times. They have this easy pull tabs on them which if not careful can catch on things. Other than that , I can't say enough more positive things about this jacket. It's all I wear now. Hoping to add another color into the mix even though I really love the blue and dark red version I have.

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Love it!

Arentze2 - 26 mar. 2021

We loved this lightweight jacket! Perfect for that tad breezy kind of day and or even when they are calling for light rain! Jacket comes with gloves attached which makes it nice for a morning run when it is still a tad chilly out and you don’t have to worry about losing them! It’s a men’s jacket so it does fit wide at the bottom. The colors are settle and can go with anything! I would recommend this jacket to someone looking for a lightweight windbreaker- this coat covers it all!

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