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Nike Go FlyEase

Zapatillas fáciles de poner y quitar

124,99 €

Justo cuando pensabas que ya lo habías visto todo, llega Nike para sorprenderte con una nueva forma de ponerte las zapatillas de forma rápida y sencilla. Genial para las personas con movilidad limitada que buscan que sean fáciles de poner o para quienes quieren algo que sea fácil de poner y quitar. Toda la parte del talón (incluida la suela) de las Nike Go FlyEase se abre para ofrecer un punto de acceso para que puedas ponerte las zapatillas sin usar las manos.

  • Color mostrado: Court Blue/Dutch Blue/Blanco
  • Modelo: CW5883-400

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Evaluaciones (23)

3.7 Estrellas

  • Disappointing- Width

    TammieG698097513 - 08 sept 2022

    Was super excited about these shoes for my son. We just received them today and so let down about the bridge and how stiff it is. There is little give and actually gets very narrow. These can not be worn with braces, specialty socks or with wide feet. You need to have a very narrow foot. I tried them on (2 sizes smaller then the shoe size) and I could barely get my toes into and past the point where it narrows. Bummed about the sizing on these. Great thought behind it but failed on execution for the population it was advertised to.

  • Someone with braces wanting to help make change

    59889e31-25d9-4bd4-a1de-06f0ba0c8b7f - 07 sept 2022

    I was very disappointed with this shoe. At first I was hopeful because there is finally an accessible sneaker specifically catered to leg braces. but, when I tried these shoes on they were the same size as a different pair I have that fit perfectly. However the length and width was very disproportionate. I could barely get it around the width of my brace and when I did there was a ton of gapping and sinking in the toe of the shoe. I hope that this comment helps Nike and other companies to modify how they make shoes. For me personally, I need shoes with a WIDE if not EXTRA WIDE width shoe. Of topic, I need the wide width and toe in boots especially. Opening the shoe is not the issue, it’s the width.

  • Do Not Miss the Laces

    RobinJ347633738 - 12 jul 2022

    I love the easy on easy off. If you do not wear socks, with sweety feet, it is hard to remove. I also wish they came in more colours. When I wear my shoes with laces, I go 😒