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Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Zapatillas - Hombre

214,99 €

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Las Nike Air VaporMax Plus miran al pasado para impulsarte hacia el futuro. La estructura flotante, la parte superior acolchada y el logo en el talón rinden homenaje a las Air Max Plus de 1998. Además, el modelo añade una tecnología VaporMax Air revolucionaria para aumentar la comodidad y crear un look moderno.

  • Color mostrado: Blanco/Pure Platinum/Blanco
  • Modelo: 924453-100

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Evaluaciones (135)

4.6 Estrellas

  • The Perfect Everyday Shoes

    EdwardY744540392 - 15 ago 2022

    I am a health and fitness freak and own and wear many running and workout shoes - both for road/trail running and working out at the gym. But none of these shoes are really ideal for going to the office or out to the mall or a restaurant and other social gatherings. I'm serious about running shoes but realized that I should also pay attention to the "everyday" shoes that I had been neglecting. After browsing through the "Lifestyle" page of countless shoe models, the Air VaporMax Plus immediately caught my eyes. I thought, "Now here's a pair of shoes I can wear to anywhere for any occasion that wasn't running or exercising." I'm a no-frills guy who normally wear white running shoes for road running and black running shoes for the mountain trails. So, after looking over the colors, I decided to get both white and black since those are also the colors for my "everyday" shoes as well. First off, the VaporMax Plus shoes look amazing - modern and almost futuristic. Second, they are supremely comfortable, which is probably the most important factor since one would be wearing an "everyday" shoes all day long most of the time. With running and gym shoes, you wear it to get the possible performance for 2~3 hours and then you take them off. Comfort for those types of shoes is how they feel during intense physical activity. They are not good at all for leisurely walk through the park or the mall, moving around the office, or hustling through the airports. The VaporMax Plus is something I can wear all day long without any discomfort. Would I try to run with these? I suppose I can but that's not what I bought them for. I have plenty of other shoes for running. For me, these are the ultimate everyday shoes as they look very cool and fit my particular aesthetic sensibilities as well as providing excellent comfort for casual walks as well as moving about with some agility and speed when needed. I'm extremely happy with the VaporMax Plus shoes (as much as the Air Zoom Vaporfly NEXT% 2 for fast long distance running) for what I need them to do. They are exactly what I needed and wanted. Need and want are both very important.

  • Caminando sobre una nube

    0735123e-36b6-427a-b2bc-997464e98dc7 - 23 jun 2022

    Mis zapatillas favoritas. Es la primera vez que me decanto por vapormax, siempre he sido fiel a airmax plus, y la verdad que le dan un extra de comodidad y un estilo inigualable. Tengo pensado en el futuro adquirir mas modelos para tener variedad que escoger.

  • First pair popped right away!

    312dbcdf-9a4d-4da6-8e73-b91e08098c69 - 25 may 2022

    My son loves these shoes. He saved his money and we took him to the SF store to purchase them there since they were very popular and not available in our local stores. They are super stylish, and he says they are very comfortable. Sadly he popped one of the shoes within the first few wears. We tried to find replacements but they were sold out until recently. So he has been wearing them just like that since! The other day at the mall I tried a pair on in my size (nice med. support with a lightweight airy feeling) and even though my son urged me to buy them (he said they would make me look like a cool mom), I was reluctant since I am looking for a more functional walking/ running shoe and I'm already comfortable with how cool I am ;) So sharp looking shoe for indoor events?