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Nike Air Max Viva

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Negro/Dark Citron/Green Abyss/Plum Dust
Negro/Summit White/Volt Glow/Iron Grey
Negro/Indigo Burst/Habanero Red/Wheat

La parte superior de materiales mixtos de las Nike Air Max Viva, cuyo diseño tiene en cuenta a cada tipo de mujer, cuenta con una zona del tobillo acolchada, patrones detallados y costuras intrincadas. El nuevo sistema de cordones emplea dos cordones diferentes, confeccionados con un cordón técnico de alta resistencia, para que puedas encontrar el ajuste perfecto. Fusiona comodidad y estilo combinando la amortiguación Nike Air con un talón de espuma más alta para ofrecer una pisada increíble con un look y un tacto excelentes.

  • Color mostrado: Negro/Summit White/Volt Glow/Iron Grey
  • Modelo: DB5268-002

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Evaluaciones (12)

4.6 Estrellas

Bulky but Stylish

srivers777 - 14 abr. 2021

The Nike Air Max Viva definitely run high on the comfort scale. It is comparable to walking on a stable bubble firmly double strapped around your foot. I normally wear a 9.5 in sneakers but felt I should have went up to a 10. Even though I am not sure if an increase in size would feel any different since the shoe has a complete 360 firm fit around the foot. I have to admit the fit and double strap system took a little getting used to. While the visual appeal of the shoe was a somewhat too bulky for my taste, it made up for the cushion provided. I am only 5'3" and these shoes made my feet look like boats. Specifically, the squared off heel of the shoe was a bit too much for me and got caught on the stairs. These were decent for walking but not idea for running. Overall, the style is decent and the gray, white and black color scheme is appealing. If I could change anything, I would make the shoe less bulky, especially the sole.

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Super comfortable, a bit bulky but still light on the feet

Charito - 14 abr. 2021

I’ll start off by saying, after wearing these shoes all day, so comfortable! Don’t let the bulk of the shoe fool you! When I first saw them I thought they may be quite heavy but they were not. You can tell by holding them that they are of excellent quality. Great for everyday wear. I’ve used them to play my drums. They’re not heavy, which is a great plus since I do have a weak ankle from spraining it several times. The insole of the shoe is plushy and gentle on your feet. A+ in comfort. Now as far as the look of the shoe, I wasn’t too impressed with how bulky they look. The heel of the shoe is wonderful for support but they are quite boxy. Love the color as it goes great with casual wear and it came with an extra pair of different color laces! The fit was perfect. Snug enough to where it doesn’t feel like it will slip off but not too snug where it cuts off circulation. So as far as comfort goes, it’s great. The look of the shoe in my opinion, can probably be less bulky and boxy.

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Stylish & Active

Llee202 - 14 abr. 2021

When I got these babies, I was excited to try them and use them in my everyday errand run to a quick sprint on the playground with the kiddos. Let me tell you, I am impressed. I felt secured in my step, I love the double tie laces, and the fact it came with neon colored laces for some pop of color! The design is super stylish. They look slick and attractive, all my friends and even random people have complimented my Nike Air Max Viva sneakers. The comfort level of wearing them 12hrs was still very comfortable. My feet weren’t achy or tired! I even started wearing them to work. I just love the fact that they look good for my errand look or casual look.

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