Sabatilles de bàsquet

Zoom Freak 2 "Play for the Future"

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Sapphire/Negre/Light Smoke Grey/Light Thistle
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Giannis i els seus germans solien compartir un parell de sabatilles de bàsquet, de manera que havien de fer torns per jugar. Avui, els Antetokounbros tenen les seves pròpies sabatilles, però no han oblidat la lliçó: de vegades menys és més i el que dones et torna. Els colors de les Freak 2 "Play for Future" simbolitzen el compromís de Nike Basketball amb les properes generacions. Com més reutilitzem, més ens tornarà i més aviat podrem compartir les nostres sabatilles, com ho feien Giannis i els seus germans.

  • Color mostrat: Sapphire/Negre/Light Smoke Grey/Light Thistle
  • Model: CK5424-500

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Ressenyes (52)

4.8 Estrelles

Great FREAKING shoe

GeoM427702622 - 28 de març de 2021

Love the feel and look of these shoes...super comfortable

Quality's the only issue

bc769364332 - 25 de març de 2021

I have two pairs of these shoes and have loved every part from the fit to feel and performance, But the quality of material and build is terrible. After playing outside for less than 2 weeks, the shoe's front had split open into both pairs.

Kind of Clunky

SwyGuy - 25 de març de 2021

As soon as I saw this shoe, I knew that it was what I wanted for the upcoming season. I tried them on and they fit to size and were decently padded. When I laced up for my first practice, the were very tight on the tongue and my feet started to hurt after a few minutes. Now I have learned to lace them very loose, but enough to keep them on my feet. They feel quite clunky like a brick on your foot and there isn't too much padding on the bottom, so my heels and knees began to hurt after a few practices. I have owned these for maybe 4 months and the materials are starting to fall apart slightly after about 3 uses a week for basketball only. I bought some LeBron's last year and will buy another pair for the upcoming AAU season.