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Nike Yoga

Pantalons curts 2 en 1 - Home

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Light Zitron/Dark Sulfur
Particle Grey

Els pantalons curts Nike Yoga incorporen una capa interior que està confeccionada amb el teixit Nike Infinalon, un material extremadament suau i còmode que proporciona un ajust lleugerament compressiu durant els estiraments i els moviments. La capa exterior més folgada ofereix comoditat i protecció. Incorporen una tecnologia que capil·laritza la suor per mantenir la transpirabilitat quan l'entrenament s'intensifica.

  • Color mostrat: Light Zitron/Dark Sulfur
  • Model: DC5320-712

Talles i ajustos

  • La persona de la fotografia porta una talla M i fa 185 cm d'alçada
  • Ajust estàndard per a una sensació relaxada i natural

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Ressenyes (55)

4.4 Estrelles

  • These shorts are awesome!

    9259975586 - 09 de maig de 2022

    I've been practicing hot yoga for twelve years now and the struggle to find a short that does what I want it to has been REAL. These shorts do everything I hoped they would: they're comfortable, they move with you, they don't bunch up or ride up or fall down or do anything to distract or get in the way of your practice. My only gripe would be that they seem to run way small. For context I am 5'5", 130 pounds, slim build. Small was way too small. Medium I thought was going to be too small as well. I thought I might have to go up to a large! But medium seems to be working just fine. Strange sizing indeed. Otherwise everything else with these shorts is on point. Kudos Nike!

  • Comfortable but a little small on the waist

    Xatrush - 25 de febr. de 2022

    I love how this shorts make you feel, they make you feel like if you are not wearing anything, super soft on the skin and the short underneath gives you the support you need in that area. What I would like the shorts to improve is how it fits on your waist, I'm a big fellow which means that my waist is big and I felt it a little tight there, so if I were you, I would go 1 size up from what you nornally are.

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  • Super comfortable yoga shorts

    Andre - 24 de febr. de 2022

    I've had the shorts for about a week and I absolutely love them. They're incredibly comfortable for working out or just wearing around the house. The built-in tights are great--not too restrictive and supportive enough that I don't need to wear anything underneath. They look great too--sleek and the right length. The material feels quite durable and high-end. My only gripe (which is why I gave it four stars) is that I wish it had more pockets--the built-in side pocket fits keys/credit cards but another pocket for phone would be great.

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