Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Luxe

Leggings de 7/8 de cintura alta - Dona

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Puntuació alta

Els leggings Nike Yoga Luxe estan confeccionats amb el nostre teixit Infinalon suau i sedós i incorporen una tecnologia que capil·laritza la suor perquè experimentis 360 graus de comoditat sobre l'estora i més enllà. Les línies de costures delicades corbades a la part frontal i la part posterior creen línies fluides entre diverses postures.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Sanddrift/Negre/Iron Grey
  • Model: DM7671-010

Talles i ajustos

  • La persona de la fotografia porta una talla S i fa 81 cm d'alçada
  • Ajust cenyit per a una subjecció més ferma

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Ressenyes (11)

4 Estrelles


    MADDYP - 27 de juny de 2022

    I'd like to start by saying I love a high rise legging. Nothing worse than having to keep pulling up leggings in the midst of a good workout that don't stay put. When I first put them on, they fit true to size, weren't too tight and weren't too loose. The design of the leggings are ok, kind of comparable to other leggings that are similar, not sure how much design should go into a pair of leggings, but I like that they aren't too flashy. Once the leggings were on, I noticed how scratchy the fabric felt, could just be me, but that was enough for me to take off a star. Made my legs really itchy. Overall these are a solid pair of leggings. My favorite thing about them is they are high rise and I don't have to worry about my bum being seen or the leggings slipping down, I also liked they did not roll down like other brands. One thing I would change about the leggings is the fabric and I would add an outside pocket (or two) on the outer thigh part of the leggings , especially for those that are active like I am when jogging, running or at the gym.

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  • 7/8 High waisted Yoga Leggings

    Moy - 27 de juny de 2022

    I love these yoga leggings. They are super lightweight and don’t even feel like you are wearing anything, making them highly comfortable for working out or meditating. It hugs your body and moves along with you in unison. The design is also very flattering. Great pair of leggings, the material isn’t very transparent, so it doesn’t show undergarments. My only negative is that I wished it had pockets at the side where I could put my phone while I go on walks or run errands.

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  • Trusty Leggings

    Lisa - 26 de juny de 2022

    Every woman loves a good pair of leggings whether you are wearing them to work out or for comfort. These Nike leggings feel so good to the touch and on your skin. The material on these yoga leggings feels very durable! Although I feel like the leggings ran a half size too small the stretchiness of the material makes up for it. I will most definitely recommend to anyone, I would just tell them to go a size up. Overall I love them!

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