Nike Utility Elite

Motxilla d'entrenament (32 l)

79,99 €

Puntuació alta

La motxilla Nike Utility Elite permet tenir l'equipament sempre a mà, segur i organitzat durant el trajecte entre casa i la sessió d'entrenament. Les corretges amb amortiment proporcionen comoditat a qualsevol lloc i la motxilla pot obrir-se fàcilment per accedir al que necessitis.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Negre/Enigma Stone
  • Model: CK2656-010

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5 Estrelles

  • a place for everything, and everything in its place

    RachelR169712670 - 24 de des. de 2021

    This is a fantastic bag, all of the outside pockets make organization super simple. I used it as a carry-on, and was able to fit so much stuff in it. Just in the main compartment, I had an extra pair of pants, shoes, a sweater, two hoodies, a jacket, rain pants, and a long (mid-calf) raincoat. I also carried the bag around Copenhagen every day for a week, walking on average 7 miles a day, and found it to be comfortable. I will say that it is a big bag, and looked a bit comical on me, but I love it so much I don’t even care about looking like a schoolchild.

  • JBI. Just Buy It.

    7310005781 - 16 de des. de 2021

    Just picked this up. Love all the storage pockets. This will be my default travel bag. Great size and can hold a lot! Great quality and handles where they're needed.

  • Love. It.

    J A. - 01 d’oct. de 2021

    I researched bags before I purchased and I'm so happy. It's really good quality, has really flexible and robust pockets. It's a big bag, but if that's what you need, this back is amazing. Work? Fine, including the compartment for shoes. Shopping? Also fine, suitcase style opening lets you pack optimally and balanced. There's nothing this bag has faced which has been problematic so far. I really do love it.