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Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece

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99,99 €

Tria el color del model
Mint Foam/Sail
Cave Purple/Negre
Gris fosc jaspiat/Rattan/Negre
Cocao Wow/Negre
Medium Olive/Alligator/Negre
Midnight Navy/Negre
Yellow Strike/Negre
Gris fosc jaspiat/Negre
Negre/Gris fosc jaspiat/Blanc

Els pantalons jogger Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece estan preparats per a les temperatures baixes i incorporen un ajust actualitzat per al dia a dia. L'ajust és folgat al voltant de les cuixes i presenta un disseny entallat al genoll que proporciona una sensació còmoda sense perdre el look net i estilitzat que t'agrada. Els punys alts de canalé completen el look de jogging alhora que la butxaca amb cremallera a la cama dreta permet guardar-hi objectes petits de manera segura i afegeix un toc elegant.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Negre
  • Model: CU4495-010

Talles i ajustos

  • La persona de la fotografia porta una talla M i fa 183 cm d'alçada
  • La persona de la fotografia fa 201 cm d’alçada i porta una talla 3XL (talles grans i per a persones altes)
  • La persona de la fotografia fa 191 cm d'alçada i porta una talla 2XL (talles grans i per a persones altes)
  • Per obtenir un ajust més entallat, demana una talla menys
  • Ajust entallat als malucs, ajust relaxat a les cuixes i genolls, i camals ajustats

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Ressenyes (344)

3.4 Estrelles

  • Stylish

    buddhajai916 - 19 d’ag. de 2022

    New model is okay but i like older model pairs. i love side zippers.

  • New design flaws

    11269150250 - 07 de maig de 2022

    I feel cheated not gonna lie. I bought these back in 2020 and they were well worth the price of $110 for joggers. They were thicker, and more durable, with a tougher tighter feel to them. To the point, you could almost wear them as jeans..They have changed a lot..even the laces seem cheaper and childlike..They def chose to cut corners. The stitching around the knew does not go all the way around anymore taking away the tapered tightness around that area..Also, the zipper used to come across diagonally, now it just goes straight down taking away some of the dynamics and style. Also not as easy to access...You would only know this had you had the earlier version..Another reviewer stated the same..I've never written a review in my life, but I am now in hopes they bring my favorite joggers of all time back up to par. These went from manly to something I'd buy my nephew but not at this proce..Material is much looser and thinner. With a couple of bad design choices..

  • liamb464731865 - 28 de febr. de 2022

    Comfy but Purchased a size small I’m 5ft 11 and the knees are the most baggiest piece of clothing I own, I got them at Christmas and hardly wear them anymore because of it and I’m having to go to a shop to get the legs tucked in so it’s less baggy.