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Nike Sportswear Solo Swoosh

Jaqueta de xandall de teixit Woven - Home

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Night Maroon/Blanc
Midnight Navy/Blanc

Sigui de dia o de nit, la jaqueta de xandall Solo Swoosh t'ofereix un estil impecable i clàssic com el de totes les peces de la nostra col·lecció Solo Swoosh. El teixit és elegant i lleuger, i els rivets amb elements reflectors aporten un toc de contrast. Per lluïr un look uniforme de la porta de casa a la botiga de discos, combina-la amb els nostres pantalons de xandall Solo Swoosh.

  • Color mostrat: Night Maroon/Blanc
  • Model: FB8622-681

Talles i ajustos

  • La persona de la fotografia porta una talla M i fa 188 cm d'alçada
  • Ajust oversized: ample i espaiós

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Ressenyes (17)

3.7 Estrelles

  • Solo Swoosh Trackjacket

    Solo Swoosh Trackjacket - 09 de nov. de 2023

    The Nike Sportswear Solo Swoosh is a timeless representation of the brand's renowned craftsmanship and style. The swoosh emblem is the focal point of this minimalist design, which makes a strong and distinctive statement. These jackets are an adaptable option for daily use thanks to their blend of sports characteristics and casual appeal. When it comes to comfort, the Solo Swoosh delivers. It is appropriate for prolonged wear. The fit is a relaxed fit so,I would say go as per your own size so no need to go a size up or down. You can go a size up only if you're having layers under it just for the breathability. It provides a full zip closure which helps you to cover yourselves and provides two front zip pockets for some of the necessary stuff which you might carry while running/gym. It has got elastic cuffs with 100% Nylon fabric which allows you to stay warm with some breathability. Also the reflective lining allows you to wear them for a night run/walk making sure you stand out from the crowd. In addition, a multitude of hues are available for the Nike Solo Swoosh Trackjacket, enabling users to showcase their individual flair. These Jackets are ideal for a variety of situations, like doing errands or going to the gym, thanks to their adaptability. With conclusion, Consumers have a stylish and cozy choice with the Nike Sportswear Solo Swoosh. It appeals to people who value both style and usefulness with its distinctive design and high-quality manufacturing, making it a great addition to any Jacket collection.

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  • Solo swoosh trk jkt

    Bazzab - 09 de nov. de 2023

    After receiving the jacket I was excited to give the item a good test. I love the colour, dark red, maroon. And the bright white trims down the arms with the ‘Nike Swoosh’ logo really stood out from the colourway. Making it easily recognisable as a Nike product after receiving comments about the jacket. The fabric was very soft and comfortable on my body, giving me ease of movement during my run training. Only waterproof to a point, more water resistant yet it did a great job during warm ups in the rain, as I used this for my warm ups & cool downs for my track sessions recently. It was light and airy with the ‘vent’ system around the torso & back areas and helped with keeping me cool (when it wasn’t raining). Personally I liked the design and feel of the jacket and how it handled during activity but wasn’t really a big fan of the oversized sleeve. I found I prefer a tighter fit around the arms/body, but this is my personal preference. Overall I enjoyed using this jacket and found it a good product.

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  • 90s nostalgia!

    dunkman23 - 08 de nov. de 2023

    If there was ever a jacket to invoke such a nostalgic feeling, this would be it! The cut, feel and fit is extremely reminiscent of the late 90s/early 2000s. Fit wise I would say it comes up a tad short but nothing drastic. I'm around 5ft 9in and a small still fits fine. It is slightly oversized so if you prefer more length then I would go up one size but also keep in mind it would also come up more looser around the chest as it already comes as a roomy fit. The shoulders fit as expected with that slight 'slouchy' look allowing for a relaxed feel whilst the elasticated wrists keep it secure on your arms. It's certainly packable so will easily fold away in a bag without adding weight. I also like the design element of the body vents on the front and back as it allows for breathability but the reflective piping is what really finishes this jacket. Whilst it is a design element it also provides a functional use if wearing at night as it can help you be more visible. Whilst the material is really light, airy and has a nice touch to it, I would not recommend wearing it in wet weather as it isn't waterproof even though it may feel like it is. It would be okay if caught in a light shower or drizzle but anything heaver and I would not want to be wearing something like this as it would become quite damp and heavy. Overall really happy to see jackets like this coming back and keeping the design elements to a minimum!

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