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Dessuadora extragran de teixit Fleece estil tie-dye (talles grans) - Dona

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Flat Pewter/Atomic Green/Negre

Tant és si t'agraden per com queden o per la sensació d'amplitud que ofereixen, les dessuadores extragrans són peces increïblement còmodes. El disseny patchwork d'aquest model de teixit Fleece s'ha cosit i, a continuació, tenyit per combinar dues tècniques en una amb un look divers.

  • Color mostrat: Flat Pewter/Atomic Green/Negre
  • Model: DN5017-029

Talles i ajustos

  • La persona de la fotografia porta una talla 1X i fa 175 cm d'alçada
  • Ajust extragran per gaudir d'un disseny relaxat i espaiós

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Ressenyes (19)

4.7 Estrelles

  • Like a wearable cloud

    Jbird - 19 d’abr. de 2022

    OmG! First off, this is one of the cutest sweatshirts on the planet! Secondly it felt like I could've not only wore it to my morning run, but would've been just as good to sleep in! 😴 I'm so obsessed with the airy-cozy material. Perfect for all seasons. I really appreciate how it is slightly oversized because it doesn't over hug below the chest great for over top of another shirt. Had to try to keep my Daughter from stealing it- that says alot!

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  • Cute Tie-Dye Design

    Janie G. - 12 d’abr. de 2022

    The design of this tie-dye sweatshirt is to die for. I love it! Sleeves fit the length I like, the fabric is durable and heavy like a fleece should feel. The only thing I was unhappy with was the actual overall length of the sweatshirt. From the crew neck down to the end of the sweatshirt, it fell a little too short for me. But because of the design, I would definitely still wear this to the gym or out for a hike. Nike always has a way of making their products extremely comfortable and have definitely bumped up their designs. Thanks to the Nike review panel for allowing me to test and review this sweatshirt!

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  • Cute, comfy, and chic

    Sportsbra - 12 d’abr. de 2022

    I loved this tie-dye crew sweatshirt! The crop is cute enough that you can wear it with just a hint of midriff showing. The tie-dye is very on trend, not to mention the neon stitching really makes this piece versatile. Dress it up or down, it’ll always be cute. The one problem I had with the sweatshirt, was the collar. It’s wider than most crew necks, but it stretched out a little bit, and so while it gives off the “lived-in” vibe, it wasn’t really the look I was going for. Accessorizing with necklaces became something difficult to do because of the widened collar. Overall, if you’re looking for a cute sweatshirt that is on trend but still something you can make your own… this is the one for you!

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