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Nike Sportswear Air

Dessuadora de teixit French Terry - Home

69,99 €

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Deep Royal Blue/Blanc

La col·lecció Nike Air ret homenatge a les sabatilles llegendàries que han donat forma a l'Swoosh durant dècades. Aquesta dessuadora de teixit Fleece dens proporciona una calidesa suau i una comoditat duradora. L'estampat de goma Nike Air al pit i el rivet per sobre dels repunts a les costures ofereix un acabat elevat.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Blanc
  • Model: DQ4205-010

Talles i ajustos

  • La persona de la fotografia porta una talla 2XL i fa 196 cm d'alçada
  • Ajust relaxat per a una sensació d'amplitud

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Ressenyes (21)

4.4 Estrelles

  • Nike Air always deliver

    Chompa - 12 d’ag. de 2022

    The product itself is really comfy. It is not my first Nike Air product and I had the same high expectations as the first time. I was not disappointed, since the product feels great, with high quality materials.

    El producte s'ha rebut gratis o s'ha valorat com a part d'un sorteig o d'un obsequi.
  • Ashley - 12 d’ag. de 2022

    The fit runs big but is designed to be a loose fit; therefore, is as expected and easy to move about in. The fabric is soft, extremely comfortable, and warm. It can easily be layered in the fall for an everyday look. The ribbing on the bottom and the cuffs as well as the seam stitching on the arms and shoulders adds an elevated feel to the sweatshirt. The Nike logo size doesn’t match up with the quality of the sweatshirt. Personally, I’d prefer to see a smaller swoosh on the upper left hand size. This would offer a more refined look to match the quality of the sweatshirt. I can see this product being more aligned with a high school/college aged student’s style as opposed to a working professional.

    El producte s'ha rebut gratis o s'ha valorat com a part d'un sorteig o d'un obsequi.
  • Air crew top

    CorpZ - 08 d’ag. de 2022

    Top is very comfortable as a casual sweater that can be worn most definitely in colder months of the year. Materials used is very soft & feels very durable, lots of movement w/o any of the sleeves or waist portion pulling up your arms or waist. Acquired the tops during the middle of the summer so did not put too much time into an in depth use but can definitely foresee that the tops will be very much used as it’s intention once it gets cold into the autumn & winter months.

    El producte s'ha rebut gratis o s'ha valorat com a part d'un sorteig o d'un obsequi.