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Nike Renew In-Season TR 12

Sabatilles de training - Dona

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Pink Oxford/Blanc/Rose Whisper/Barely Rose
Negre/Dark Smoke Grey/Blanc

Les Nike Renew In-Season TR 12 presenten una escuma suau que proporciona un amortiment suau i retorn d'energia per a l'aixecament de pesos, els entrenaments de càrdio i qualsevol altra activitat. La sola afegeix una banda de subjecció al lateral per mantenir la subjecció dels peus durant els moviments ràpids.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Dark Smoke Grey/Blanc
  • Model: DD9301-001

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Ressenyes (47)

4.5 Estrelles

  • Nike Renew

    Avery1212 - 17 de gen. de 2023

    This is a great shoe for a light workout or running. These could also be worn as an everyday shoe or for work since they are very comfortable. The shoes are true to size and lightweight. They are definitely comfortable enough to wear all day long. The light weight and extra cushion on the footpad are the best parts about the shoes. If I could change one thing, I would have gotten a darker color to be able to hide everyday wear and tear.

    El producte s'ha rebut gratis o s'ha valorat com a part d'un sorteig o d'un obsequi.
  • GREAT multipurpose gym shoe

    GabrielleD973463903 - 15 de gen. de 2023

    I got these shoes for Christmas and I LOVE THEM! I am new to the gym and the shoes I was wearing cause me to have pain in the arch of my foot and the balls of my feet when conducting high impact exercises. Since owning these, I haven't experienced ANY foot pain! In addition to the foot support, they're also very light weight. Lastly, I love that the sole is on the flat side so when I am lifting, I have balance and I don't have to take my shoes off. I am really impressed with this shoe and I plan on buying another pair.

  • Genial

    Andrea599437003 - 13 de gen. de 2023

    Son geniales, quedan muy bien, cómodas y bonitas