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Smoke Grey/Light Smoke Grey/Negre

Ja sigui el dia del partit o un dia d'entrenament, els pantalons curts Nike Pro t'ajuden a mantenir la subjecció i la comoditat gràcies a una ajust cenyit i elàstic i una tecnologia que capil·laritza la suor. Combina-les amb altres peces o porta-les soles.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Blanc
  • Model: BV5635-010

Talles i ajustos

  • La persona de la fotografia porta una talla L i fa 185 cm d'alçada
  • La persona de la fotografia per a talles grans i altes porta una talla 2X i fa 201 cm d'alçada
  • Ajust cenyit que proporciona compressió i subjecció 
  • Llargada de l'interior del camal: 19 cm (talla M)

Enviament i devolucions gratuïts

Enviament estàndard gratuït amb la teva Nike Membership.

  • L'enviament pot trigar més del normal. Comprova la data de lliurament en finalitzar la compra.
  • Pots tornar la teva comanda per qualsevol motiu de manera gratuïta en un termini de 60 dies.

Ressenyes (38)

4.7 Estrelles

Great Purchase

Eric_Pabalinas - 28 d’abr. de 2021

Purchased 2 pairs (Medium size). 1 black and 1 grey. Both pairs feel comfortable and fit well for casual and exercise use (as underpants rather than shorts). Around the Thighs do not ride up and stays put while exercising. I'm 5'5 waist 31. I would highly recommend these if you're looking to purchase.

Very Happy

ScottZ477762961 - 02 d’abr. de 2021

I've recently switched to Nike over another leading brand. These compression shorts are sooooo much better. They are extremely comfortable and fit very well - I'm 6'2 and 250 - 2XL. No crotch creep, no legs bunching, no pouch chaffing or grabbing. The best part is the waist band, it is thick and wide. Every other pair of shorts or tights I have owned the waist band rolls and pulls, not these. The waist band stays in place no matter what I'm doing. I wear these for walking which averages about 30 miles per week, and I also wear them under tactical shorts and pants for hiking. I am a convert and you will be too. Great shorts, perfect fit, and a very happy Nike customer.

D E. - 27 de gen. de 2021

I wore these during a CrossFit/HIIT workout and they were excellent. So comfortable to wear and very secure. Great supportive under shorts. I will definitely be buying more.