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Nike Pro HyperWarm

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Les malles Nike Pro HyperWarm t'ofereixen una peça càlida aïllant i folrada de teixit Fleece perquè segueixis endavant quan fa fred. El disseny cenyit i compressiu capil·laritza la suor per mantenir la transpirabilitat i la subjecció.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Blanc/Platejat metal·litzat
  • Model: CU7001-010

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Ressenyes (3)

3.7 Estrelles

K I. - 21 de gen. de 2021

didn't care for the material it was attracting everything in sight like a lint roller

best Nike running tights for the purpose that i found in a long time

cgeorgescu - 10 de gen. de 2021

i run in near-freezing temperatures and these make me feel comfortable, cozy even :) i liked them so much I had to get a second pair and i was thoroughly disappointed when they ran out of black. i was elated to discover red ones, i got one of these too. couple of things to keep in mind: 1. i weigh 144 lb, L must be the new M. 2. I ran through rain once. it wasnt even raining hard but the pants absorbed the water like a sponge and after an hour I was wet to my undies. 3. I have long haired cats and the pants are like a magnet for cat fur. I have to keep them packed away to keep them clean. I still am happy to now own two pairs.

Didn't love.

Casey K. - 29 de nov. de 2020

I'm a huge Nike fan and have never returned anything. These tights ran a bit small, but not a big deal if I liked them because I could have exchanged. I simply didn't like how warm they felt. I run in 20-30 degree weather in the dead of winter in Upstate, New York and these still felt like I would have not been comfortable in them. Not breathable. I'm sure some would love who want really, really heavy tights. Just not for me.