Nike Phantom Luna 2 Elite

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Blue Fury/Blanc
Negre/Deep Jungle/Negre
Sunset Pulse/Negre
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T'obsessiona perfeccionar el teu joc? T'ajudem a aconseguir-ho. Enmig de la tempesta, amb el caos arremolinant-se al teu voltant, has arribat tranquil·lament a l'últim terç del camp, gràcies a la teva barreja d'astúcia i gràcia amb la pilota. Acaba la feina amb les Phantom Luna 2 Elite. La revolucionària tecnologia Nike Gripknit cobreix la superfície de xut de les botes de futbol, mentre que la tracció Nike Cyclone 360 ajuda a guiar la teva agilitat sense límit. Hem dissenyat les botes Elite per a tu i les estrelles de futbol més grans del món per oferir l'estàndard de qualitat més alt i la grandesa que esperes del teu calçat.

  • Color mostrat: Blue Fury/Blanc
  • Model: FJ2572-400

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Ressenyes (24)

4.7 Estrelles

  • In love with the pink

    Manuele27958d92b354dd8911e718a286aec15 - 28 de maig de 2024

    I have the black one. I love it, just feel like in the new pink one the Nike sign would be more elegant if it would be like the black or white one. But the pink version looks stunning.

  • Soccer cleats

    CarmenM881413191 - 08 de maig de 2024

    Great design and fit is good My soon love Nike cleats. I just wish they were not that expensive because the average for cleats lasting in young kids is 6 months He is only 11 years old and he use size 10 in men.

  • Finally a complete boot for my son!

    dwainerobert - 02 de maig de 2024

    Bought for my 14 yr old son. For reference his favorite Nike model is the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 elite which began release in 2017. Since he outgrown his last pair in 2020, he has primarily ran through the complete Phantom elite line the last 4 years and always compared them to the hypervenoms. Since receiving these he’s said they made up for all of the flaws of the phantom GT’s and GX’s. Also he complimented how the grip of the ball was better than the Hypervenom’s which no clear he’s tried ever came close to. Finally I am happy he’s confident and satisfied with a clear that can provide what he needs… He wore a 9 in the GX elite start of fall and grew out of them by January so he started wearing my Hypervenom 3’s which are a 10.5. We ordered him a pair of these lunar elites in a 10.5 and his foot more skinny than full but hit gives him just enough room to grow through the summer and I’m sure we’ll be back on the market afterwards for fall. A feature I like as a parent is they have foam padding in the heel/achilles area! I thought that is an under-rated feature that adds to the comfort. We could not tell a weight difference between the Luna and the mercurial elite. Highly recommend!!!