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NikeCourt Zoom NXT

Sabatilles de tennis per a pista ràpida - Dona

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Treu el màxim profit de cada trepitjada amb les NikeCourt Zoom NXT. A partir de la informació obtinguda dels millors atletes, hem afegit amortiment a l'avantpeu per oferir més reactivitat quan t'impulses per fer serveis. Després de treure tot el pes possible sense sacrificar la durabilitat, també ens vam assegurar que aquest disseny increïblement lleuger fos extremament còmode. Gràcies a una zona del turmell enconxada i un teixit transpirable, obtindràs la frescor i l'amortiment que necessites per concentrar-te a jugar al màxim nivell.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Blanc/Metallic Red Bronze
  • Model: DH0222-091

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  • El disseny queda gran; et recomanem que demanis mitja talla menys

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Ressenyes (19)

4.2 Estrelles

  • Comfortable and cute!!!

    Britt - 03 de des. de 2022

    Super comfortable and easy to move in! I have been looking for a new tennis shoe and these are PERFEXT! They offer great support and are also flexible! I haven’t worn them enough to see how much they’ll really break in! Will update!

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  • Nike

    Ranch - 03 de des. de 2022

    These shoes are nearly perfect. Living in the Pacific Northwest dealing with rain, snow, sleet, and shine, I need a shoe that can perform in any condition and I felt that these checked all the boxes. Typically, I’ve found that shoes with good traction can be pretty clunky, but these are lightweight and easy to move around in. I also found that I didn’t feel like I had to break these in. They were comfortable from the start! As for the look? These beautiful shoes got me so many compliments. The holographic look was a personal favorite and the color scheme made it easy for me to match with a variety of outfits. Highly recommend.

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  • Everyday Sneakers

    pretty82 - 02 de des. de 2022

    I wore these sneakers to my drs appt. and to do errands all day. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable they are. I also wasn’t too fond of the design but when I put on my black leggings with these sneakers… it looked so good! These sneakers actually look god and feel good. I love the mesh portion of these sneakers. It is a great feature because I live in a tropical state and it allows my feet breathe.

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