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Jordan 'Why Not?'Zer0.4 "Family"

139,99 €
Puntuació alta
Blanc/Blanc/Platejat metal·litzat
Negre/Or metal·litzat/Blanc

Per a Russ, el camí interminable que ha definit la seva personalitat per assolir la grandesa ha anat lligat a l'amor i el suport incondicionals dels seus amics, familiars i aficionats.Cada dia se sent afortunat de les relacions i experiències que s'han produït durant la seva vida i segueixen inspirant altres persones.Quan es pregunta on i amb qui vol estar, la resposta és onsevulga que estiguin la seva família, els seus amics i els aficionats que han estat sempre al seu costat.Inspirades en les persones i les comunitats més importants a la vida del jugador, les Jordan "Why Not?" Zer0.4 "Family" reten homenatge a la vida i a passar el temps amb les persones estimades.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Or metal·litzat/Blanc
  • Model: CQ4230-001

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Ressenyes (26)

4.8 Estrelles

Great shoe for all around wear!

IT GUY - 18 de març de 2021

It's been a long time since I've worn Nike. So I was a little skeptical of whether I'd like my Nike Jordan Why Not Zero.4 or not. But I'm LOVE these shoes. They fit great, though are a bit snug at the widest part of my foot, but I have narrow heels and wide fronts of my feet, so that was par for the course. I was happy they weren't too narrow like most sneakers. I've been wearing them to work everyday because they have a great sleek look and have been super comfortable. I would recommend wearing high socks with them due to the detailing being a bit stiff so they're more comfortable with socks to prevent the stiffer parts from rubbing against my leg. Overall I'm really happy with these shoes. They look nice when worn and are comfortable enough for everyday wear.

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Great everyday wear

drummerchic1 - 15 de març de 2021

These are good every day shoes that provide comfort and style. The fit very well and aren't too tight or loose. They are tight at first but only because they were new. Had plenty of walks in them now and are very comfortable. They don't make my back hurt at all. My son dropped a drink and it went all over them but it was easy to clean off. The only issue I had really were looks. On the side of the shoes there is a small piece kinda peeled away from the shoe and not sewed on. Wouldn't think this is how they were made but to me if it was it's not very pleasant. Overall I would recommend these shoes for running and everyday wear.

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Good design and comfort

Dave B - 08 de març de 2021

Pros: comfortable enough to wear all day and a good every day shoe. For basketball, shoe has good grips on the bottom and provides good stability for my foot. Loop in back helps get them on easier, and wide tongue forms around ankle which makes it more comfortable than others. I like the design of the shoe- colors are not obnoxious and good for every day. The two design parts that bugs me are the black material sewn into the outside of each shoe (t shape). It seems out of place and is odd. The white bottom part of the heel also jets out a bit much and would rather it be more flush to the back. I am super picky about shoe designs, and would still wear this every day (so that says a lot).

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