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Nike Flex Essential 2-in-1

Pantalons curts d'entrenament - Dona

34,99 €

Els pantalons curts Nike Flex Essential 2-in-1 presenten una capa base cenyida i elàstica sota una capa exterior de teixit Woven d'ajust folgat. Aporten molta flexibilitat i compten amb tecnologia que capil·laritza la suor per mantenir la transpirabilitat i comoditat.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Negre/Blanc
  • Model: DA0453-011

Talles i ajustos

  • La persona de la fotografia porta una talla S i fa 178 cm d'alçada
  • Ajust estàndard que aporta una sensació folgada i natural

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Ressenyes (44)

3.5 Estrelles

  • Child sized

    HiLife - 16 de nov. de 2022

    I wear a petite XS for all other brands but this XS couldn’t fit over my thighs. Extremely tiny! Recommend buying 2 sizes up, or not at all to avoid the hassle of returning/exchanging.

  • Can these actually be the perfect shorts?

    Klabs0519 - 18 d’oct. de 2022

    I LOVE THESE SHORTS! As a field hockey goalie coach, these shorts have changed the game. Yes - there are many other shorts like these out there but in my opinion, these have been the most comfortable of all that I have tried. They do not ride up. They do not bulge in weird areas. They are also very flattering on those of us ladies that were blessed with muscular legs! I only have one complaint about them - the hem on one leg has come undone. I am sure this has been from over-use and honestly is doesn't look awful.

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  • Not the best shorts for running or HIIT

    Flamboer - 13 d’oct. de 2022

    These Nike shorts have a loose outer layer and then a tighter layer underneath to provide coverage but I found that in size Large, the tighter layer would ride up when I was running or walking, which is a common issue for me and shorts in this style. The quality of the shorts are on par for Nike and if you have slimmer legs, these may work for you.

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