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Nike Alphafly 2

Sabatilles de competició per a carretera - Dona

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Un cop hagis fet unes quantes trepitjades amb les Nike Alphafly 2, no podràs veure les teves sabatilles de competició antigues com abans. Aquest model és com un coet que et permet millorar les teves marques personals sense haver de renunciar a la base que necessites per arribar tan lluny. El sistema de subjecció gruixut i lleuger combina comoditat i velocitat en una unió gairebé sacra. Gaudeix del millor retorn d'energia de totes les nostres sabatilles de competició mentre proves de batre les teves millors marques personals i deixes la resta enrere a la competició.

  • Color mostrat: Total Orange/Carmesí brillant/Ghost Green/Negre
  • Model: DN3559-800

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  • El disseny queda petit; et recomanem que demanis mitja talla més

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Ressenyes (18)

4.1 Estrelles

  • Make your husband jealous.

    Caro - 01 de febr. de 2023

    Right out of the box I was a bit startled by the design of the shoe. It looks a bit alien with the heel being triangular in shape and protruding past where regular shoes stop. The design of the shoe would easily call attention to your footwear and I, unfortunately, am not a person that likes to call attention to themselves. However, while I was a bit apprehensive about the shoe, my husband, an ex-marathon runner, picked up the shoe with delight and couldn't stop talking about all the design features that would be great for runners. That brings me to the feel of the shoe. The shoe fit perfectly and was true to size. However, the design is set up so that your weight is shifted to the soles of your feet instead of your heels. My husband was so excited about that feature because it would give you better form while running. I, myself, am not a runner so it definitely felt weird at first. I kept feeling like I was going to rock backwards and fall (which never happened). I did get used to my balance being shifted and these shoes ended up being really comfortable to wear all day. The shoes are really light and have so much support that your feet feel really great. My favorite part of the shoe is the mesh covering on the top of the shoe and how the laces were threaded (it isn't your typical eyelets). When you have the shoes on the mesh hugs your feet and makes them feel snug. However, the mesh doesn't stretch very well and putting your feet into the shoes is a work out. I first tried the shoes on with my winter socks and I couldn't get my feet into the shoes. So I went for a thinner sock and it was a struggle to get the feet in. I would definitely recommend this product for an athletic friend. I don't think this is the type of shoe to casually hang out at home and hit the grocery store.

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  • Style and Substance

    Zach S - 31 de gen. de 2023

    Within ten minutes of leaving the house in my Air Zoom Alphafly Next% for the first time I got a "nice sneaks" compliment from a stranger. The Total Orange/Bright Crimson/Ghost Green/Black is not subtle in any way, but stands out in the best possible way. These shoes look like they're from the future, weigh next to nothing, and make it feel like you're running on magical marshmallows. I thought they would be a pain to get into, but the loops make it easy to slip them on and off, and they feel super secure once they're on. The cushioning makes them unlike any other shoe I've owned. It truly feels like you're bouncing off clouds. I wear a women's 7.5 and they were true to size.

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  • Lightweight & durable but difficult to put on

    Schmidy16 - 31 de gen. de 2023

    These shoes are the most lightweight running shoe I have ever owned. It is incredible how much cushion and bounce they have for being so lightweight. They helped shave time off my run but it took awhile to break them in. I have neutral feet and had a very difficult time getting the shoes on (see pictures). Once on, it fits like a snug sock which initially felt way too tight. After running a few times, the shoes did stretch a little bit but it is still is a process to put them on. I am hoping that it will continue to stretch with more use. I also noticed that they have a slight squeak when walking in them. Initially I wore them around the house to break them in and my husband joked that he could hear which room I was in based on the squeak. I never noticed a squeak when out running and obviously running is the purpose for the shoe but I wouldn't wear these as an everyday walking shoe.

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